Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ombak Rindu Better Than Titanic

After watching a heart-warming Malay movie, this English movie I'm watching now (actually not that boring at all but...) has no chance of getting the 100% attention from me. The typical 'I Love You', 'beautiful wedding' thingy is nothing compares to the heart wrenching, pillow squeezing, dead romantic and screen-gluing Ombak Rindu.

All I heard from friends (as tweeted and mostly posted on their walls) was how sad and tear-jerking this movie is. Honestly, I was waiting for the super sad scene to emerge but only experienced watery-eyes throughout the whole movie. I guess, I was already 'too ready' for 'that sad scene' to appear that my supposedly bawling-over-the-sad-scene never happened. By the end of the movie where Izzah & Hariz were having a romantic picnic on the cute boat, I really thought that the sad scene was yet to be revealed, and that would be, (I was telling myself a sad story, ending a happy union of great love with tragedy) when Izzah dies of childbirth...

"Ok Ok... they want to be done with this romantic Hariz-is-all-Izzah's scenes. Hmmm, the tear-jerking part will be ON soon.." or so I thought. Didn't happen.

And suddenly, the end.


I was quite surprised with myself. "I didn't cry!" I told sayang. "Why everyone cried?"

Anybody who'd get out of the movie theater after a good sad movie looking all mushy, sobbing uncontrollably with puffy eyes, that person has to be me. I'm super 'emo' when it comes to sad scenes. Was a bit reluctant at first about watching Ombak Rindu because I don't like sad endings. I hate sad endings. Especially when it involves a gorgeous couple. That's why I wasn't that anxious to watch when it first came out weeks ago.

I guess most of you girls watched Tentang Dhia last episode last Thursday. I had to hold my tears in, well ya, my kids & husband would laugh at my silly crying. Because it was only a little story. For me, Tentang Dhia was sadder compared to the Ombak Rindu I watched this morning. But, Ombak Rindu has a better story line, superb casts with good directing and I'm sure it touched the hearts of many, including mine.

Sayang and I aren't that much into the local Malay movies. Most local movies I've watched are the same with the ones before, and the supposedly funny ones reminds of the funny (??) clown-like 'ha.. haa..' in Hindi movies. Oh ya! Sayang is allergic to Hindi movies too. He said the tv would blow up if any of us turns on the Hindi channel. 

"I have to say, this is way better than Titanic." sayang commented 20 minutes before the movie ended.

"You did not watch Titanic sayang!" I shot back at him.. with a smile that says *agree!*

"Ermm.. I watched, I did. But only bits bits here & there. That is why I said Ombak Rindu is better than Titanic. That part when Leo flapped out his arms at the nose of the ship?? Naa... not as good as this!!" Sayang said pointing at the tv screen.

I'm just glad sayang enjoyed Ombak Rindu as much as I did. Not easy you know getting him to watch a romantic Malay movie. When I expressed my desire to watch this movie, he gave me this silly look, as if all I wanted to watch was Aaron Aziz. Heeheeee... He's cute, no doubt, but, happens to be a great actor too. And I love Maya Karin, always have. Lisa, ok ok for me. I'm not a big fan of Lisa's, Maya, yes. 

9 out of 10 star from me. Why not 10?? Because no movie is perfect baybehhh! ;)

Oh Ombak.. Bawalah rinduku padanya..

Thank you ombak :D
 And tell him I want a huge expensive present when he returns :*

So what did we learn? 

A humble soft spoken patient not-pretentious woman never fails to soften the heart of the most egoistical man. I'm telling ya, they will melt. After they experience all those love bugs thing, ombak rindu akan datang melanda... 

Rindu is not something to laugh at. Some people would get sick if this feeling is ignored, some dies because of it. I've experienced what we Sarawakian calls, 'bera-ee'. It means, overwhelming desires to have your loved one near, again. 

One time my husband went on a business a trip for almost a month. I missed him so much even the continuous cool weather did not help to tell my body that I needed to eat more than my usual little-food-popping. There were times when I was so hungry but still didn't want to eat. No mood for food or anything at all. And it was the rainy season, my body didn't get enough food that it should which would enable it to burn adequately for energy. I burn alright, till I became stick thin!

The afternoon I fetched sayang from the airport (after weeks away from him), the first thing he noticed was my skinny jaw. And my skinny thighs... "What happened to you Dek?? Why are you so thin?" touching my jaw and cheek lovingly.

"I missed you so much baby." I answered softly, with a cheeky smile. (couldn't wait to get my hands all over him!!) ;) 

Remember, no rindu, no love. That I know.

No sophisticated Hollywood diet can beat my idea of the most effective way how to lose weight; Be in love, send him away for a month, and miss him like crazy! Truthfully, it ain't healthy, but it works.

Not that I'm seriously recommending. I'm not serious.

Well, another thing I'd like to add. Be sure he or she, is also in love with you. Then all your 'I-miss-you-like-mad-I'm-dying-here' would be all worth while :D Never mop over a loser who doesn't appreciate your love. That's a total waste of energy.

Hmmm... from Ombak Rindu to rindu rindu how-tos. Just a little thought to share here.

So, this is how I start my blog for 2012. Hope your 2011 went with invaluable experiences that's gonna show you how to face 2012. If 2012 promises a better opportunity with an abundance of prosperity, don't ever forget to stay humble and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Believe me, arrogance shows. Don't ask why the whole universe gives its back to you  when you started to get all big headed. 

Till next post, Happy New Year! :)


Noa Hamrin said...

Whoa..well said about the rindu things :') my hubby just called me n said that he missed me so much, "you know, rindu so much like borneolove's".. and now m all tearing up imagining that he misses me so much till he doesn't have the urge to chomp and chew. Ooohhhh..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Aawww... so sweet Noa

Now you're making me all teared up :(

Makin rindu makin sayang, and... makin GeraMMM!! ;) TQ Noa :D

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