Monday, January 2, 2012

Malaysian Celebrities ..

..... Unfriendliness.

A total waste.

Look at me! That's a real good angle of me and you have to agree. Felt so excited meeting a so called celebrity I glowed as if I was on my first date, believe me, I was really feeling the glow. This is a good pic, good lighting with no giant pores visible. 

Happily I was saying to myself>>> *Ooooooo... I'm so gonna blog about this!!* :D

But, she had to spoil it ... sigh. 

She is you-know-who. Well, not gonna say it out loud here, hello! No point of getting sued over this 'she-thinks-she's-all-that' c.e.l.e.b.r.i.t.y. After I had this pic taken, I didn't have to think twice about not uploading it inside my facebook. Na-A! Nothing to be proud about. My albums aren't about to be filled with photos of arrogant snobbish b.... Urmm, 'people', I mean. I am sorry I met her. Hmm, I take that back. I'm not sorry, I'm glad. I'm glad I know how she actually is in person. 

Before I met... Ehem. Let me rephrase that. 'Meet' is when two people actually say hi hello to each other, and really mean it. 

Before I bumped (that's better) into this Cik Puan, I was told that they weren't that friendly (ah yes... Cik Puan came with another beautiful celebrity, she too was as arrogant) and I didn't 100% believe what I heard, because, I haven't seen with my own eyes. Maybe they were just exhausted, and probably they were still feeling the jet lag, I honestly don't blame them for being a bit, moody. 

But, after bumping into this Cik Puan with a pic taken together with her, I believe my cousin was telling the truth, that they are not friendly at all. And my cousin wasn't just any shopper who was trying to be lucky to have her pic taken together with Cik Puan. She represents the giant company which sponsored the event. She was there the whole time, and didn't like what she saw, the two celebrities were ignoring their fans. 

Maybe you don't understand what I'm trying to say. 

You see, if I hadn't 'cut' Cik Puan in the above pic, it would look apparent that she's 'not really there', not really participating in the pic. Her whole body was facing away from me and I was the only one who tried to show the 'togetherness' in the pic. As if that wasn't enough, I said thanks afterwards, turning to my right facing her of course, with the widest grin. But, she straight away turned to her right with a little murmur, "hmm" or was it "ok", and walked away, leaving me standing there, still, with a smile watching her back leaving the embarrassed me. Not that anyone noticed, but I noticed. And it made me feel so stupid. Then Rosyam Nor came out. He literally saved the day. Well, I was about to take off my shoe to throw at Cik Puan's back, luckily Rosyam came out with a smile and a warm Hello. Like a whole world of difference from the snotty Cik Puan. Errgghhh! I shouldn't have bothered asking for a pic together >_<

Ah yes... Rosyam Nor is very friendly and took time to let fans enjoy pics taken with him. 

This 'cut' pic was taken a month ago. It took me until today to blog about it, because I have something in comparison to show you.

I don't follow much celebrity on my twitter account, not sure why. I just don't. Sometimes I'd follow for awhile, then unfollow. But if I do need certain info or need some kind of updates, I'll just search, scroll and read through... 

As posted the one before this, I was telling you of my experience watching Ombak Rindu. Few hours later, I mentioned Maya Karin in my tweet saying how much I enjoyed the movie. And yes, you guessed right! She replied! Not once, but twice! We all know how busy these people are and replying their fans' tweets can be very time consuming. But, a little note to our Malaysian Celebrities out there, try to response. You decided to have a twitter account, my opinion, mentions and queries should be responded.

If you happened to be on location with fans anywhere, be friendly. For me, I will forever appreciate Cik Puan's unfriendly gestures because it reminds me that some stories I hear about certain arrogant snobbish Malaysian tv stars are actually very true. A real pity.

You've heard this millions of times, but let me say it here. 

Without your fans, YOU ARE NOBODY. They are the people who actually the real contributors to your success. Without them, YOU ARE NOBODY. 

Whenever I see Cik Puan on tv now, I'd change the channel. I did like her though, not that I hate her now. Hate is no good. Don't hate. I just, don't want to be entertained by her performance. That's all. 

Chef Anis Nabilah RT and replies each time I mention her :)

No, not that I'm over the moon for the RT and replies. What I'm saying is, these ladies are good example of celebrities who appreciate their fans.

I wasn't over the moon, I was STARSTRUCK!! ;)


Anne B. said...

hmmm siti nurhaliza? heheheee

aww maya karin is the best la....

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Anne... heeheee, I have no intentions to answer yes or no to queries of who the Cik Puan really is. But, I'll answer your question anyways because, she's not Siti! Hahaaa.. sorry to disappoint you :p

Happy New Year Anne! :)

Nur68 said...

Hai Ida,

My guess is Umie Aida?...

Ida BorneoLove said...

omg Nur68! :p

I can't answer yes or no darling, but.. thanx for the read and Happy New Year!! :D

Anne B. said...

ohhhhhhhhnoooo it is umie aida LOL happy new year ida

Ida BorneoLove said...

hahaaa...! pandei pandei kitak.

Not saying anything, up to you to guess darling ;)

Happy weekend dear :D

Anonymous said...

hi ida :) kmk slalu follow blog ktk. Very good blog u have here. thank u for sharing good tips n advices also. kmk guess best fren umie kali nak?? hehe ;) take care..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Anonym, mmmmmmm... Not saying Yes and not saying No :D

Biarlah rahsia.. Hahaa.. Wei! Siti Nurhaliza's b'day today. I hear, well, I only hear... I heard she's friendly :)

Thank you so much, that means a lot and with that encouragement I will continue feeding my blog with more useful tips. Tq again! ;)

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