Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Feel Cheated

The Star 28.1.2012

Man oh Man! One thing that has pushed me to the limit working my ass off was to be able to make good money so I can fill my fuel for my kids to get to school on time.
I'm so sure the culprit has had a lot to celebrate from ripping off the public (of 14%) before this spot check was done. Millions already went into his pocket, and we're the ones who sit here pondering how to make extra income just so we wouldn't feel the misery from having our government who keeps hiking up the price of petrol. So unfair!
Everyday fighting, trying to get a raise, trying to save and budgeting on food, only to find you're being rip-off by a trusted giant company. I don't know which petrol station this is... Let's just wait and see, while still filling up fuel.

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