Friday, January 6, 2012

From Indon With Love

Seri unpacking her goodies... 
Which include some Indonesian instant noodles and fabric softer (???).
What.. I don't know why she would add extra weight on her luggage on these items.

'Cheap la Ma!!'

She didn't have to get me or her siblings, or her Nenek Girl and Nenek Boy, her cousins and even her Papa anything from Indonesia. We know, we all know she's just a student, and a student do not have income. The income she has is the monthly allowance (oh my.. too little to  mention here. Yup, I can be *a bit* stingy) that I give her every end of the month...

Even then, she felt guilty about not able to get EVERYONE a little something from her trip to Indonesia before new year last year. The money her grandmother and I gave her was for her own spending, not for her to buy gifts for semua orang!

She bought me two cute tops, some stuff for her grandparents, cousins, and few Tshirts for her siblings and a ballerina hanger for Hani for her to put up her accessories on display, cute little thing! 

And the most special souvenir from my darling daughter Seri is this adorable keychain that she had made specially for her parents all the way from Indon :')
So so thoughtful of her... 

I feel so much love! Thank you sayang :D

I will not use it, coz I'm afraid I might break the lovely little keychain. Will hang it somewhere as a display :)


Fina said...

the keychain is so cute....mesti rasa sayang jak rasa mun nak makei..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Fina,

that's so true! does not matter how much it cost, murah or mahal, nothing compares to the love I'm feeling. Syukur. Tq darl!

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