Friday, January 20, 2012

Eight Kisses For Arman

Had the taukeh squeezed the oranges, sayang and I would have a nearly complete breakfast served to us this morning :D 

Nonetheless, we're thankful for this gesture. Yesterday he gave each of us his customers one orange after we're seated while waiting for our morning coffee to be served. This morning, each table has a little saucer with 5 oranges in it. Thank you Ah Lim!

And it is a very special day for me, most especially for my little boy Arman...

Arman with me, he's a little bit over 2 months old here :)

"I'm eight this month!" he had announced after I confirmed with him that it was indeed already the month of January few weeks ago. Boy oh boy! Real soon, he's going to be my orang bujang... *sob sob* :/

"Mama, please don't hug and kiss me at school..."

"Whyyy??" It's a long sharp 'why' from me, and as if I didn't know why. Because I don't want to understand WHY.

"Urrmm... No need laa Ma.." he said softly with a sweet cheeky smile.

I still kiss him though, can't help it. And kiss again, for the second and third time at the school compound. One kiss is never enough. But he never pushes me away, he just let me :)

Hmmm... at home I'd kiss him as much as I like, no one can stop me. *wink wink* I'm overwhelmed with blessedness! Syukor alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. 


Coffee Girl said...

Happy Birthday Arman! Encem eh...

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thank you auntie CG! :D

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