Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Comforting Levi's

"Hi Miss, I'm gonna need something for my tummy ache, flurried mind, distracting irregular bowel movements, uncomfortable back and horrible flu... Do you have anything that could take care of all these?? You know, an All-In-One giant tablet?"


I had a lousy day yesterday. Still feel the negative vibes till now and it's affecting my bowel movements terribly. So, while waiting for my 3pm appointment yesterday, I swung at the nearest Levi's outlet ;) Oh wow..! I've to say, it was so comforting :)

My old ones aren't holding in my extra fat well enough like how I preferred it should. I need a 'mid-rise' to tuck in all the spare tyre, heeheee.. I precisely want dark blue jeans, more smart-looking for conducting my events. Still relaxed but not looking too casual at the same time. Hmmm.. getting old maa.. Low rise are for youngsters, not that mine were too low for me to handle but, comfort. I'm sure the 'mid-rise' would be more comfortable, and definitely would look more appropriate on me :D

After trying on what felt like D most perfect pair of jeans...


Oh My BLoG! They fit perfectly! Just what I need. So, I haven't purchased them yet. Will be doing some campaigning the next few days with the 'World Bank', and I do expect a green light. The pair will be mine soon. *wink wink*

And that helped. Yes... I'm feeling slightly better after the window shopping but, still now a bit down. It's okay, it'll pass...

Tucked in nicely

Not tucked in completely, so,
a baggy top is how you cover the extra spill-out ;)

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