Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calm Down Woman!

Stressing out over daily routine trying to accommodate everyone's needs is quite taxing and can be very depressing indeed, if you let it. When that routine involve young children, we as mothers would be dubbed as selfish if we say we too need the space to breathe... You're the mother! They're your kids they're your responsibilities, deal! O_O

Coming home to needy cranky young children with no husband to lend a hand isn't something you'd really look forward to at the end of the day. Feeling guilty tops it all... Seeing your ageing parents' face after having their hands full babysitting a whole day is no holiday either. Hubby working again tonight, sigh... Is the over-time worth all these??... Feel like pulling out your own hair ha?

R said she'd wish she's single, it's better if she was single, with all the stress, she'd rather be single. R and her husband have been arguing a lot lately and she's about to reach the edge. It's a good thing she confided with a friend.

"R, you're tired, angry and stressed out. Tired after a full day at work, angry that you're welcomed with whining toddlers at home and pissed, because hubby's only home when it's already time for bed. Not Fair! Now, you want OUT! I know... If you continue to have arguments after arguments with your husband because you can't control your anger, he will start to work more over time dear... You WILL be seeing a lot less of him at home. Why??! Because he'd rather be out working than hear you nag all night long. There you go, another one to add to your stressful routine."

"R, if you don't start to take control of your feelings and outburst, believe me, your marriage will crumble and you might just get your wish (to be single). You need your parents to care for your little kids while you work, whenever they express their frustration over babysitting, don't fight. Follow their rhythm... Smile, agree, be humble. Show them you appreciate their help and sacrifices. Believe me, they won't mind to babysit for another day or two if you show them your appreciation. R, your toddlers aren't babies for long. Hang in there, and try to accept the situation you're in now. If you do, you'd be less angry, then, you'll be less tensed. When you're less tensed, things wouldn't look or feel as bad. When your husband arrives home late yet again, don't open your mouth. Please try, you can control that because you might not be able to control your outburst. So, sshhh!! If you do open your mouth, things will get ugly. Calm down, okay?"

Juggling motherhood and work and household can be crazy, but you'll get by. We as mothers, wives, daughters and employees (too), have to give in a lot. It's just how things are. If you're not ready, don't commit. If you said you're ready (to be married & have kids), well, this is your life now. You have to believe that things will get better, when you live with that mind set, your children's whining are actually one of the things that should make you smile after a long day at the office =)

Caring for babies, young children, takes a lot out of you, true. Especially if you're a working mom. But they're dependent on us parents only for a short while... You will get to have your 'Me Time' back in no time :)

'Peace to you Mama!'


Coffee Girl said...

Wife and mother ... she who conquers both conquers all! :-) You're a model of both Ida. :-) So proud to call you my blogger friend.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Aawwwwwww.. That's the best compliment for 2012, by far ;)

Omg! so touch, really :')

Thank you, i'm glad and happy too we are friends love! Tq tq tq...

~Eda Cupcakes~ said...

I'll stick your mantra in my head whenever this situation / feeling haunts again. Love your wisdom and positive energy in life. Much love :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Eda,

Thanx a bunch love! Appreciate that thought so much. Love Back! *hugs* ;)

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