Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Borneo Love Since 1990

This one was taken after my wedding,
during our Makan Doa Selamat gathering, at 19

Last year, after 4 children, confirmed blogger addict, at 38

Or maybe 2002, which is, a good 10 years ago. Looking 'tighter'
"Mama, why last time your face don't look kembang kembang?" O_O

Ehem! You all. 

Well, ya ...

What happened was, Seri and I were clearing the upstairs storage area when she stumbled upon my old pics. The one above has me looking like I've just had a whole tub of ice cream with some dripping down my chin >.< 

"Maa! Look at this pic..." You should see her giggled! I do not know why the similarities on both of us tickles her so much. (she was laughing at the above pic, me in blue kurung)

"See.. see!! My friends are right. You DO look like me Ma! The hair, the smile. Hahaahahaa... *LoL*" Seri was running around the house showing the photo to everyone, laughing. 

"I was wondering all the while what is it that's making Seri giggled so much all morning up there..." my husband eventually speak up. 

Since we're at it, I might as well upload few more.

My cousin took this. We were bored, he dressed me up, and click click, age...
you do the math!

S&S wasn't the first. I made my very own beaded headband when I was 17

After 2 children, smiling only for the camera, upset,
I fell a little bit ill after chopping off my hair

I've noticed that, the mole at the tip of my nose has grown rather bigger

at 23

There you go. I do feel a bit vain posting all these pics, but, what the heck! Borneo Love is something like my little album too now. Difference is, I'm sharing its contents with the whole universe :) Errpp... Wholesome moment- Top pic, same age as my eldest Ayu now =)


Coffee Girl said...

masih maintain aih... some people wud already weigh a stone! :-)

Chii said...

lol. love to see all those pics! u look great, then n now :))

Anon said...

Kak ida, you look stunningly beautiful and aging gracefully bah :p

anyway, i have one question, since you talks a lot about your life, your love life...i think you might have the answer to my question

Do you think its a must to have your boyfriend/significant other to reply on your bbm/whatsapp?

I do have a boyfriend but yeah, we are distance from each other.. I know that he cares, but whenever he started not to reply my bbm/whatsapp i feel like i am not his priority and at one point i feel like he doesnt bother about me at all, apa gik when i saw him online on yahoomsgr / facebook and commented some other friends..

and of course i have all the silly thoughts that he's seeing someone/flirting with someone

I dont want to look like im too dependant on him or being possessive at the same time..

kak ida, please make me understand men. perhaps, learn how to trust them? Or is just me being paranoid and jealous! ohhh .

Ida BorneoLove said...

Coffee Girl, Chii,

Tq tq! I'd like to look young always but, no one could really defy ageing. My back starts to ache nowadays, my skin is drying. Your compliments make me feel good,if I don't look good no more, does not matter. I feel good :D

Anon, I'll get back to u tomorrow dearest... That's a big one, hang in there. Let me gather my thoughts tonite.

Anon said...

and forget to add, he used to layan me more when he was trying to get me. now i think he's more like. ok im home muah nite im going to bed early. thats all. aaaarhhh?

the more i ask questioned him , more i feel like im pushing him away juak. susah nya juak eh.

Nur68 said...

Dear Ida

Honestly, after seeing your picture from 1990 till now, you don't age much, you still look the same to me but with a mature outlook. May you have a blessed life always.

Take care.

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