Monday, January 16, 2012

The Beautiful & The Ugly

Little Miss Cheongsam 2012 winners

Have you ever came across something beautiful and ugly within a 24 hour period?

What I went through yesterday was nothing compared to what the parents had to endure hearing the heart wrenching cry of their little child having his little fingers stuck at the end of the shopping mall escalator. I happened to be near (but didn't want to get too near because the little boy's cry was too much for my heart to bear) and I managed to call the complex's supervisor for help, in panic. Luckily, the boy's hand could be freed after minutes of enduring the horrifying pain. 

But, it happened to remind us all, not to let our young children bend down to fetch their own slippers/shoes/toys while on the escalator and to pick them up instantly if they lost their grip or balance. That was one ugly experience for me -oh man- Couldn't believe myself when I saw my hands shaking so hard while trying to make emergency calls... Pity the little boy.

I forgot all about getting the Sunday papers after that awful incident. News on our colourful Little Miss Cheongsam 2012 came out in Sarawak major newspapers yesterday, and today. Of course, again, The Star gave a full page coverage, with colour! :D Oh my BloG!! I'm over the moon *still grinning*. Costume competitions has always been one of my favorites. Remember the Kumang Gawai? The girls were so beautiful and elegant, and our newly crowned Little Miss Cheongsam are simply ravishing!

I love my job! ;)

I really should take makeup and grooming advice from these two
gorgeous little beauty queens ;)

If I could, I would also love to take up tailoring classes from some of the girls' mothers
who sew the costumes themselves

'Fuh! Fuhh!!'
heeehee... sound check lorr

The Star 16.1.2012
And tq The Star for printing the one showing my cute behind :p

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