Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 Years Of Great ...


"gambar hiasan & pembakar minda" ;)

When we (first) got married, I was so happy because all I wanted was to always be close to him. After awhile, a phone call alone often wasn't enough to mend my aching heart, I wanted to be near him all the time. And my heart is still beaming with happiness now, syukur. Happy marriage isn't all made of fun romantic holidays, endless surprise gifts or a trophy wife/husband.

Mine has had its own ups and downs. Though it's been 20 years (Feb 2012), there are still some things about him that surprises me. As we age, we change, he changes and, I change too. When I'm hurt, I would cry inside and all I wanted was the man I met more that 20 years ago... Hmm.. you can say, I would start acting like a baby and I'd sulk big time. He was always so sweet, seldom upset and all attentions were for me alone when we're dating. But, be realistic, we're not growing any younger. Dating and married life aren't the same thing. So, wishing him to be who he was 20 years go is a little bit childish of me. 

Dating was cute, but marriage can be fun. Couples must work together to make it fun. People sometimes say after babies and kids, sex life would go downhill, it doesn't has to be. I dare say, after two decades, it gets better, with age! If anything should change, it shouldn't be sex. If it did change, it should be for the better. Why? Want to know my answer?? Because it's a real loss to pass up on sex! WHY? Because you're missing out on one of the most fun things to enjoy in a marriage :)

What should change is the couple's attitude. My honest opinion? Orgasm is good for both husband & wife! And, have it as often as you can... It can be impossible for most people to have it everyday, I'd say once a week is sufficient. Find the time, and look forward to it. When you sense an opportunity to be alone together, whisper to your partner or... send a little text message. Ehemm! Just be sure to double check who's receiving the text before you hit that enter button, ok? 

Attitude and feelings towards each other should remain strong and affectionate from the beginning. Being busy, tired, kids to care for, the headaches, are all that (if not all, at least one) would usually come between a couple and sex. And if I might add, anger. Anger will deter me from having sex...

Crossing my arms while pulling the most sour looking face,

You're So Not Getting It Tonight! ... unless, unless I get all frisky ;)

For me, this intimate moment between husband and wife brings the couple closer and more attentive of one another. Of course, sex isn't everything. It's not. And money too, money is not the whole world. Remember that ya?

Click Good Tips For Married Couples to brush up on your skills, and mine too! ;D

That is all for today :)

One more month InsyaAllah,
we'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary :)


Tia said...

Happy anniversary in advance my dear fren....i am celebrating my 20 years of togetherness with him too...;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Oh wow Tia! Happy anniversary in advance to you too darl :D

It's our 20th wedding ann. next month, but this year we'd be in our 23rd year together ;)

Tq again Tia, so sweet of u ;')

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