Monday, December 26, 2011

What I've Been Up To ~ NH colla-plus

School holidays almost over, and so will the long Christmas holiday weekend.
Tomorrow work -__-

But yow! Me work only one day this week *widesttt Grinnnnn* :D

Gonna clear few important things on my desk tomorrow, a lot as a matter of fact. But, I've gotta have everything done. Don't want no interruptions during my long break now do we?

*err... will I be able to do all in one day??*

Spending time with my darling and my kids never fail to make me all cheerful and radiant! Hahaa... I feel radiant, I honestly do. We left the house on Saturday afternoon not knowing where we're heading, but we were hungry. So, as requested by Ayu, we went straight to Atok Kopitiam for a late lunch.

One member of the family isn't around though... We miss Seri very much. She went on a trip to Indonesia with some friends for few days. InsyaAllah, she'll be back home in time for our trip to Damai.

I've been thinking about taking beauty supplement lately. Looking at the somewhat eye-popping price tags has made me thought more than twice about purchasing any of them. Over a decade ago, a friend shared her experience consuming beauty supplement in a form of tablets. I was discouraged because I was breastfeeding then, it wasn't recommended for nursing mothers.

But 2 weeks ago, I felt that I was ready to commit myself to make this product as part of my daily supplements. There is no better time I thought, I am nearing 40 and I do need the extra 'help' to keep my hair, nails and skin especially, to stay healthy and youthful. I've read the reviews, you should too.

This particular beauty drink is easy, trouble-free (no need to mix with water, just drink. And it's yummy!) and most importantly, preservative-free. What's awesome about this product is, it contains 100% natural ingredients that it's safe and most highly recomended for post-delivery and lactating mothers. Fabulous indeed!!

My supply of the NH colla-plus

Oh ya... I'm filling up. Double chin and all :O

I am very positive that this product will give me a more healthy looking skin and deliver the results that it promises. If I wasn't convinced and confident enough, I wouldn't be blogging about it. This wonderful beauty drink will improve your skin elasticity, hydrates your skin, nourishes (to prevent ageing and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles) and brightens dull complexion, promotes tissue regeneration and revitalizes hair and nails.

For me, I'd spend more on consumable beauty products than on makeup and facial creams. But I wouldn't neglect my daily moisturizes (with SPF), night creams are too as essential. Never skip these external care ya!

Going through my budget I found that I wouldn't have problem continuing on taking this product as it is quite affordable. You just need to be smarter with your monthly spendings, that's all. I purchased my first supply of NH colla-plus at Watsons. Awesome deal I must say! Well, I could only say so much, you go on try for yourself. I did and can't wait to buy a second set of the Value Pack.

Till next post... ;)


Anonymous said...

Hai Ida

I've been taking NH Colla since 2010. It definitely works for me and so far no problem. I've even introduced this product to friends who were asking me what skincare I was using..I told them no point asking my skincare, my skincare product is like rojak hehee..last2 baruk lah daknya madah, kulit muka kau kacak...and the rest is history...

I'm a jamu person, some ppl can't take jamu but I've been taking jamu for the last 16 years and taking NH colla has certainly helped.

Anonymous said...

I am also giving it a real thought about trying this product. At least I'm 70% convince now. Thank you ladies (:

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Ano 1, I have that kind of confidence with this product, that eventually you don't need much makeup to achieve great looking skin :)

Ano 2, do try it. You will never look back :D

Anonymous said...

How much?? Good for hair loss & eyebag or not?? Will it add extra kilos cos you mentioned double-chin?? I'm 51, can I try? TQVM

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Anonym, the double chin has nothing to do with the product. From my understanding,it doesn't make u put on weight. And from what I read, it's specially good for eye bag. I'll have to get back to u to provide u d link on infos for NH colla plus. On mobile fon now,can only search for d link on computer.. Bear with me ya? :D Enjoy ur weekend & will update u sonn.. Tq.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Anonym, u can go to or U can post questions on d fb wall and they will answer ur questions. The web page will also provide u d info that u need :)

Read through before purchasing, that's what I did :D

Dyana said...

hi Ida,I'm consuming collagen as well but not NH.I'm taking BH collagen plus.i think bit pricey than NH but the result is awesome as all the collagen comsumer raved.But I might switch to cheaper brand maybe NH or Kinohimitsu.U know, I kind of obsessed with collagen things. Haha...and actually I'm still 20's

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Dyana, yeah.. I do feel as if there's no turning back. That's y before considering taking any of these awesome supplement, we must give a thorough thought whether or not we can continue to purchase in months to come. I'm glad I decided to consume NHcolaplus... I do see difference :)

Kidbux said...

Good sharing, NH Colla Plus a super-concentrated marine collagen beauty drink launched under the NH Beauty Series, contains 5,000mg of marine collagen, natural Vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate to give you gorgeous skin. For detail review visit:

suria ashni said...

Awesome feedbacks on nh..anyways can it be taken with some other supplements too like vit c and vit r additionally ?

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