Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Of The Girls

We didn't go far, Damai Beach Resort isn't anything like the super metropolitan Kuala Lumpur or Singapore but, it was as fun. And we were spending within our means. I get special rates on my stays at the resort and holidaying thousands of miles from home would have to wait till sayang and I can really afford to bring the kids on a serious shopping spree. Budget says within 30 km radius. 

Our room was perfect. The nearest to the pool and beach, and it had two queen size beds. Thank goodness! If not, we would have to squeeze like sardines in one bed, all six of us! Which is, wouldn't be a problem at all :)

I caught my kids (all four of them) sleeping in one bed few times at home. Ehemm..! Correction, one SINGLE bed. Yeah.. they do that sometimes. The three girls would stay up till late talking all night and Arman too sometimes gets fascinated with the girl talk. Well, he only listens, he'd cut in once or twice and gets snapped by one of his sisters for interrupting the conversations. He likes sitting in the same bed because he just wants to be near his sisters while minding his own business (playing with his PSP that is..).

Morning came and that's when I found the four of them hurdled together sleeping peacefully foot on one stomach and an arm on top of one's head. Sometimes, in the middle of doing the laundry downstairs, I'd hear a thud that indicates someone just fell off from the too-small-bed-for-four  :D


As you can see, they can eat happily in the smallest space

Okay okay girls! Time for a pic. Smile! Pleassssse!!!

Pheww...! They were all in good mood for pics :D

As the girls grow, I notice the bond between them grows stronger. You know, I could just sit there and watch them. Seeing them enjoying each other's company gives me a deep feeling of happiness. I'll smile along whenever I hear a joke and bud in whenever it gets too curious, "Whoo? Who??? Tell!" They'll tell... Luckily for me, my girls do (not all the time though, but, most times) consider me as ONE of them. This is so important for me. Because I live, I work, I smile... all because of them. Arman too :)

They are my whole life. The reason for my living.

Hmmm... I like my naturally 'big' do
More like, the salt-air infused hair ;)

Who on earth brings a work arch file on a holiday??

-oh man-

It's late. Just done with what seemed like a laundry from summer camp! Will upload beach pics soon... Enjoy your New Year weekend everyone :)

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