Saturday, December 24, 2011

KFC Treats :)

I did say, if I ever got myself into car trouble in the middle of the city, all I need to do is find the nearest KFC restaurant :)

And if ever I was short on cash to buy food for my next meal, I'll just head to the nearest outlet and give an ex-colleague a cute little face. I shall be fed :D

Heeheee... Kinda cool being an ex-employee to this giant fast fast company, I get free meals and often enjoy great discounts. No no.. not what you think people. They don't actually give special treatments to ex-employees, the thing is, I get cool treats from my ex-colleagues!

Sometimes I didn't have to queue at the counter. The person in-charge (an ex-colleague of course) would ask me to take a seat, take my orders, get some cash from me and all I had to do was sit and wait for my food to be served on my table. Makes me feel like I'm D most special customer :D

We had a prize giving ceremony yesterday afternoon for the Canon Damai Photoshoot 2011 contest and an ex-colleague happened to be one of the guests as she was receiving one of the consolation prizes. After everything was over, she said to me looking straight at my face...


"Now???" I answered. Well, the reason I was a bit bewildered because I just had my lunch and I was thinking where to stuff the fried chicken inside now my full stomach (I was seeing fried chicken floating between Brenda and I already...). Didn't want to say no because she asked before, but I was too busy to join her for lunch that time.

"No, not now Ida. You tell me what you want, I'll sign and you go pick up later before you go back, ok?" Brenda explained with her soft little voice. She's so sweet!

Urrmm... Brenda, I want a year's supply. CAn? CaN?? CANNN???

Ah No.....!! I didn't say that lah :p

"Okay then... 9 piece. I'll take the 9 peace meal dear." I told Brenda blushingly.

"Enough or not?? You sure..?" Brenda was so persistent insisting she really wanted to buy me dinner but I didn't want to ask too much, and definitely she wouldn't sign anything too little either.

"Yes, the 9 piece would be more than enough..." Then we went around the atrium commenting on photos that were displayed and talked a bit about the events I've done.

Whenever I bumped into any of them, they are always so generous with me. Thank you my friends, for I  know I will never starve towards the third week of the month ;)

I miss KFC, but I love where I am now :)

With winners and my staff,
The Cool Cats (in vest & berets)

I'm looking so blur.. heeheee..

While waiting for the members of the press & media to arrive for a product launching

Internal activities for managers & staff

Enjoy the holidays y'all!
Drive safely & Merry Christmas.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

OH? you worked with kfc before?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Yes.. 2 3 years ago.

And it opened some great opportunities for me :)

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