Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Not About Dayang

Let's see... I've composed nicely in my mind on how to start this post...

Now it's gone. Ohhh Bummer.

Dayang Nurfaizah @ Merdeka Palace, December 2011

Squeezing time to have a little bit of fun after work or during your weekends can be a little bit hard to do especially when you have a job that requires you to work Saturdays/Sundays with a family to take care at the same time. It sounds stressful to some but I'm so used to this life already. This 'life' I'm living also means that I can't simply take a night or a weekend off to enjoy dinners and live shows with my girlfriends. 

When my friends and I attended Dayang Nurfaizah's live performance last July, for me it was so much fun because there were my girlfriends cheering along with me (we beat the teenagers at it!) like nobody's business! So, if any of us weren't present, it would not be the same.

That's why when Dayang had another live performance last couple of weeks here in Kuching, we weren't that anxious to get tickets because non of us girls could actually confirm to go & watch her perform. It'd be totally awesome, I'm so sure it would! I mean, it's DAYANG okay!! But this time... 

I was handed 2 free ticket few hours before the actual show started but declined politely... It wouldn't be fun without the girls. Even if one or two came with me, it still wouldn't be the same. It had to be a whole BUNCH of us!!  And the 'bunch of us' isn't just what you see in that July performance post, few more weren't in the pic. 

So, we'd rather not go at all than to just went, and only had 2 other girlfriends to cheer along with. Not fun! Yes, Dayang is fabulous and all, but, enjoying her show without the presense of all my crazy cool girlfriends would only mean a somber night... 

I guess it wasn't really about watching Dayang, it's about getting together gether with a bunch of girlfriends to laugh, gossip & cheer our lungs out! :D

I've a lot of close friends,
but one of my bestfriends has to be eldest daughter Ayu :)

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