Monday, December 12, 2011

Inside The Rubbish Bin I Went 0_O

When your kids are growing up, suddenly weekends become more and more precious, for me at least... Why is that when they're younger, time seems to past by so slow but when kids grow older, time passes by too fast?? I really miss my children's kiddy school days, and the time when you purchased whatever outfit and they'll just put them on... Unlike these days, they could just say "Don't wanna wear that.." and you have no choice but to accept the rejections. Well, this kinda hurt because it shows how 'old fashion' I am -__-

Heeheee.... I'm glad though that I have daughters who have better fashion sense compare to me. At least I get thoroughly 'audited' and 'inspected' by them before stepping out of the house, do not wanna embarrass our children with our Fashion Don'ts now do we?

Speaking of embarrassing your child...

This you gotta read!

You see that stainless steel rubbish bin?? Huh... I tell you. The thing I'd do for love!! Man oh man.

I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for the promise I made to my sister to give her extra passes for her friends to tag along to the anniversary party last Friday at the BCCK. Had so much going on last Friday afternoon, at certain points my head wasn't thinking straight at all, phewww! The extra 2 passes that was supposed to be for my sister I gave away to my colleague not realizing THOSE WERE 'D' passes for her. I was 100% certain I had placed Siti's extra passes inside my handbag (after taking them out from an envelop that was supposed to be for another friend who had decided to give them up for others, that 'empty' envelop I then threw inside one of the rubbish bins). 

So, after punching out happily at 5 that evening, was so looking forward to a fun Saturday with my hubby & kids. When we reached home, I just happened to check on Siti's envelope, to make sure they're ready for her to pick up later for the party at 8pm.

To my horror, I only found 4 passes!! -oh man- I know, I shouldn't panic. I shouldn't, why?? Because they're just some free passes to some event that wasn't that awful if you didn't attend. But, I PANICKED big time! Oh My BloG!! Seriously...! I could feel blood gushing up to my face, I became so nervous and felt like I was about to faint! -oh man- -OH MAN!!-

Still searching frantically for the passes inside my handbag, but, no extra passes or extra envelope were to be found! NO!!

'This is ridiculous..' I thought to myself. 'Why am I panicking sweating cold sweats??!' 

You know why? Because I made a PROMISE. And I intended to keep that PROMISE. But if somehow I had to break it, I'd be really disappointed with myself and what's worse for me was, I'd be breaking some people's heart (though they're not even my friends). So, I thought hard. Really really hard... What happened to the extra 2 passes?? Where on earth did I put them? Where could they possible be?? Di M A N A ???!

*Light BULP*


The passes are inside the shopping complex's rubbish bin! I accidentally threw them away. (so I thought...) 

Oh - My - Lord !

"Sayang!! You have to drive me back to the complex! Now!!"

"But the traffic... I'm not going back there." he responded while giving me that uh-oh-I'm-not-turning-back look >_<

*me with stupid pathetic face*
"We have to go back. I promised people."
*ugly face now*

It worked.

I brought Ayu with me to search for the envelop. Praying hard that kakak cleaners hadn't cleared the bin. We reached the Level 1 rubbish bin, I didn't even look around. I went straight in! Yea, you heard me! I opened the top and went through some nasty KFC plastic bags and whatever else... Ayu put on a stunned face standing next to me. "Ma!!" As if she didn't know what I was going to do, but was in shock when she actually saw me did it. I went inside the mall's rubbish bin. Well, I didn't exactly went inside. Just my whole arm & my face!

Couldn't find it! I panicked even more. Then I got on the phone with my friend Mona, asking her where could I have misplaced the passes... As if she could help me! Well, it helped talking to her, otherwise I'd be talking to the rubbish bin O_O

I proceeded to Level 2 and didn't bother if shoppers were staring or not. Ayu just followed behind her 'temporary insane' mom. With one hand still holding my phone to my ear, the other hand opened the rubbish bin top. I started digging through. "Oh Mama..." Ayu turned and started to walk away, embarrassed I suppose. *sorry sayang* She turned back because she didn't have the heart to leave me by myself, but she made sure she wasn't close enough to me & my smelly rubbish bin for people to notice that she's actually with me -_+

While I was mumbling digging left & right, I saw the envelope, buried at the bottom! Ahh! Thank god I thought!! I pulled it out, opened it, *shriek*. EMPTY!??

"Mona!! Where could they be??!!!"

"Now now Ida... relax, calm down. You've to pull yourself together and think." Mona was so so helpful. I was about to go into anxiety attack! 

"Breathe Ida... breathe....."

"Oh No! I gave the passes to Zain! The ones for Siti I handed to Zain this afternoon. Ahhh.... too late... I've no extra passes for Siti." :/ I was still on the phone with Mona. "Mona, thanks! I've to make a call!"

Hung up and called Operations Manager in 2 seconds. Settled! alhamdulillah.


"Why didn't you call Iza earlier??" My husband asked in the car now on the way back home, with the filthy me -_____-

I replied, "I didn't want to have to trouble her if I didn't have to... Calling her was my last resort. I'd rather go inside the rubbish bin than trouble a friend." :I

So, only then I realized what I'd do for love. For just anyone I think, especially to keep a promise. 

That was my Friday...

I definitely slept better that night knowing that I didn't break any of my sister's friends' heart. Came Saturday, sayang wanted to visit Damai Central. It was a perfect day for a drive. After late lunch by the seaside, we drove back home to freshen up before heading to Riverside Cineplex to watch the 6pm 'Puss In Boots' show :D

Kitty Softpaws, "...that's a lot of heel for a guy, don't you think?" Funny.

Who came to my mind at that instant?? You think? Tom Cruise. Hee hee heee.. LoL. I'm so sorry Tom Cruise's fans ;)

Arman enjoyed the movie so much he asked his father if we could just sit there for the next movie. No, we didn't stay. We went for dinner instead... That was a fun Saturday.

Sarawak Tribune 12.12.2011

The Star 15.12.2011

Sunday came so fast. Work mode ON. 

This was not like any other singing contests I've done... this was special. Each performance was done in Acoustic and no background music allowed. Pure talent! First place went to beautiful Nur Efikah. All the participants gave amazing performances! I was in awe specially during a few jaw-dropping performances by our very own local young talents.

Sadly no one took a video. Will have to lobby boss later to buy one. Photos (no videos sorry) of Sunday's 'Acoustic Amplified!' can be viewed here

Sunday not done yet... And I had to end it with grief and sorrow. Hmmm...

Few words to sum it up: 

CAUTION; Do Not Clean Washroom In Your Good Top Where Bleach Is Involved.

Yup! That's one of my latest thepoplook purchase. Though tired after dinner & work, I was happy. Happy with the successful of my event, it truly uplifted my spirit. Thus, resulting in scrubbing the bathroom floor & walls in my good top. Nae, didn't even bother changing into my plain home-Tshirt because I was afraid I might lose that 'laborious' feeling if I delay any longer. So I went ahead scrubbing prettily in my thepoplook blue blouse. Wrong Move Sista!! Somehow, I rubbed my arm against the wall & hit the part where there was concentrated bleach applied. Mmmmm....


I'll bring the blouse to my tailor for alteration, shorten the sleeve. Thank god it was only the sleeve! Pheww...

Ok then. That was my weekend. I'm heading for another busy week... Biasalah, X'mas & school holiday activities. You have a good week ya? Stay focus so you don't end up in a rubbish bin like I did! Peace :D

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