Monday, December 19, 2011

Front Pages

There's nothing more rewarding than to have pics of your work published on the front page news. I'd be jumping up and down for joy (oh ya.. really!) and will first show the morning paper to my bosses whenever this happens, and alhamdulillah... This happened few times this year :D

*ok boss.. what about that raise??*


The soonest I saw a pile of today's newspapers on the office lobby couch, I quickly walked over and looked for news coverage on yesterday's Cup Cakes Design Contest. I was ecstatic and overjoyed when I saw The Star cover! Honestly, did not expect it to be on the front page news. I am utterly grateful, so so happy and it is as if it completes the whole event.

X'mas Cup Cakes Design Contest - December 2011

Nestle World Walking Day - November 2011

Kids Halloween Costume Competition - October 2011

Mother Daughter Lookalike Contest - May 2011

Miss Fitness Sarawak Plaza - May 2011

Bubur Lambok Cooking Competition - July 2011

Cooking Contest Kubah Ria - March 2012

With yesterday's 9 year old winner, Nur Fitryana and sponsors,
Anor & Heida of the participants

Explaining to some of the participants on the contest rules & regulations

I wouldn't have a successful event if it weren't for my colleagues

More photos here

Now I have a headache... Good headache. Still, it's a headache...

Headache no headache, I'm feeling good. It's been a good year, yes indeed it has...

Plans for the next quarter is in progress. We're facing some changes for the new year, two bosses are leaving... I've to say, it's kinda sad they wouldn't be around to give me their (sometimes harsh) point of views & to express their dissatisfaction over some details on the events I've done. They're looking for replacements though, I hope the new ones are as cool... 

Well then. How was your weekend? Dah cuti panjang...?

For the next few free weekends (yeaayyy!!!), I've warned my husband of my intentions to clear the store room. Oh man! So much junk I have stored in there. "Decluttering" is next on my to-do-list.. Wait a minute! I don't think it should be in the to-do list, no no! It should be in my when-am-I-gonna-this? list! Errghh......!! Whatever. Junks need to go, and we human will have to find time to declutter.

Wow..! If only I could publish for 'help' (to clear my messy store) on the front page, kan bessssttt... Kan kan? Hmmm, not gonna happen. 

Till next post :)


Ms Tikot said...

Kak Ida memang super woman lah...

Ida BorneoLove said...

ya rabbbii..! If I benar benar superwoman kan best! paling best bila dapat terbang across Sarawak River no need bayar toll!! LoL
Tq Ms Tikot :D

Alv0808 said...

Wah.. you must be very proud and I want to say a big congrats to you... anyway, Happy Holiday..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hey Alv0808, tq darl! yes, I'm happy with what I've achieved :)

Happy holidays to you too dear :D

Coffee Girl said...

You go girl! Boleh pakei Wonder Woman pun suit kak tok. :-) Congrats! Am sooo proud of you!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tq coffee yummy girl! that means a lot... :')

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