Saturday, December 10, 2011

Damai Central

If you plan to spend some time away from the city, Damai Central is one of the most perfect getaways in Kuching. It's open to public and photography sessions has never been more peaceful & fulfilling.

My darling hubby loves a long drive, he would drive us all the way to Lundu sometimes just to enjoy a long quiet (sometimes noisy!) ride on weekends. We booked seats at the cineplex earlier this morning for an evening show and planned to have a bite first at Damai Central, it was in fact a late lunch. Hmmm... This happens a lot during our weekends, the late lunch I mean. I wake up late, kids wake up late... Can only indulge in this activity on a no-work or no-school day. Lazying is kinda uplifting, no?

for the album...

photographers' paradise :)
*ermm.. not this angle perhaps*

thought about cutting back a bit this weekend... but didn't happen today *covers face*
the menu looked too delicious to pass up!

my 3 quarter already-eaten California Ranch burger

Arman's Chilli Pasta

Seri's Mac Cheese

Ayu's Crispy Grilled Chicken

There were other stalls too selling the local Nasi Goreng, Nasi Butter Chicken, Roti Canai and lots more other favorites. We ordered our 'western' late lunch at the Big Tex. The food?? O-K-A-Y. Not bad at all. The ocean view made it even more appetizing and very relaxing, I like :D No one choked, a good meal indeed, alhamdulillah...

And if you don't feel like going back to the city just yet, you can pack with you a tent and spend the night under the open night sky dozing off with the sound of waves hitting the shore... Aawwwwwww...., I want! So so perfect for the school holidays. This is the time to teach our youngs how to sleep with no aircond and show them how fun it actually is, hee heee..

You need more info on camping at Damai Central, call them. From this little flyer I snapped, the charges are very affordable and the package is really attractive. Visit soon ya! ;)

I was so happy to be near the open sea... This was just a visit. In a couple of weeks, I'll be staying for few nights :D Wooooohhhhoooooo!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

Adoh... New shoes folks. 
Carlo Rino :)


Coffee Girl said...

nice shoes!

makan kat Damai Central ya ok ka harganya? buka siang malam? where is it exactly?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Sis, sik sure I bukak siang malam what time. It's located opposite Swk Cultural Village... Boleh tahan juak harga western food ya. But kedei lain I nanggar biasa mcm kedei d kuching, I mean d nasi goreng and others. Mahal pun,sik jaoh gilak beza.

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