Monday, December 5, 2011

Blood No Blood, Still Cousins!

Courtesy of 'The Collective'

Fortunately I've no event planned yesterday as it was cousin Nur Diyana's bersanding ceremony at Cats fm hall. The akad nikah was done last Friday, 2 December 2011 at the bride's home and also happened to be her birthday too. Ahhh...! So sweet :)

Like always (at family weddings), I came not as a guest, but as one of the usherettes. Cousin Lin and I assisted the bride's parents (our Uda' Aim & Uda' As) ushering guests to their seats. Theme was blue but the blues I have in my little closet I've worn them hundreds of time already. Hmmm, wanted to have a new kurung made for yesterday's wedding reception but... But ... But ... tinggal but ...

So, I put on my years old soft brown kurung and added my favorite turquoise shawl... At least I tidak lari dari tema :D *wink wink*

The beautiful bride Diyana with our new cousin, Adi :)

The Sarawak's Traditional Majlis Makan Nasi Temuan

One, Two..., Two and a half.... Three!!
Ahhh!! Masok hidong! LoL heeheeeee...

Ala cayang...!

With cousins Inaz & Lin, and our cute nieces!

Lin with the bride's gorgeous sister, cousin Syikin

Lin, Syikin, me & Inaz

Congrats Diyana! May you're blessed with the most wonderful marriage and
all the happiness in the world :)

While uploading above pics, I just realized something, that Syikin, Diyana, Lin & I will make a point to have our photo taken together at each Hari Raya :D Oh yes... We love the camera and the camera sure loves us too! ;)

Diyana, Syikin and Lin are not actually my blood cousins, but I feel that they are. They are in fact my husband's first cousins and I've known all of them since they're in their primary schools. Cousins, sisters... no difference. What's important, we click & we love one another =)

Raya 2009
(Ash, Lin's sis in law, Lin, me & Syikin)

Raya 2010
(Syikin, Diyana, me & Lin)

Raya 2011
*again!* (Syikin, Diyana, me & Lin)

InsyaAllah... more Rayas (more weddings!) & more pics together :)


f.i.e.z.a said...

mak kmk pengilan sia marek sis.mak diana is my mum's good friend :)
sayangnya kmk keja mun sik ada nemu ktk ooo hehhe

Ida BorneoLove said...

Ya kah?? Kan best mun kita duak dpt begambar sama-sama dgn pengantin? Oh,I'm sure your mon kenal dgn my mom in law,the one who conducted d Nasi Temuan :D

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