Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be More Responsible Like A 12 Year Old Would

Often we would say it's the parents' fault if teenagers turned out to be irresponsible or troubled adults. But, who's to blame if a recently divorced 50 year old woman goes out all night to have fun with her single girlfriends and spends the money that she should be putting away for her old age? Well well, what do you know... A relative has someone to blame, her ex-husband.  The relative believes that the ex-husband pampered his 50 year old ex-wife with too much gifts and expensive purchases when they were married. Kinda funny... You're an adult (50 year old adult!!) and someone else is responsible for your childish actions.  (???)

When Dr. A was younger, you would not believe that he'd grow up to be a professor before the age of 40 years old. He used to sleep on the cement floor with his other siblings in their parents' living room. His older siblings turned to drugs for fun and his mother was too busy looking after the younger ones with a messed up household to run. Dr. A worked really hard from his secondary school days all the way up to completing his PhD to be where he is today. He knew that if he himself did not make changes to his seemingly bleak future when he was 12, no one else would. 

So, personally, this is what I think. Blaming parents and teachers on ones behavioral problem is so old school and simply too easy. Each one of us has a brain, use it. 

The surroundings that we grow up in would determine the kind of adult we are today. No doubt, parents, siblings, friends and teachers play an important role in painting our life's canvas. But, we are the ones who make the decisions, take actions and commit with hope to have a good future. And that kind of life decision can be decided when you're 12 okay!

But why should it has to be another adult to be accountable for a 50 year old's embarrassing ill-mannered attitude? If a 12 year old could foresee the kind of life he's going to live if he made bad decisions, why can't we adults do that? Remember, the 12 year old I'm talking about is now a professor and he lived in an environment that didn't at all promise him that he would some day further his studies overseas and becomes a successful individual today.

My point is, no one else should be blamed for the kind of adult/person you turned out to be... Not your bad childhood, not your disorganized upbringing, not your busy working parents, not your teachers, nor your friends. The fingers should be pointed at YOU. Yes you! That path you're walking on was decided by you. 

Children at the tender age of 12 and above should be able to think rationally. Teenagers and young adults know exactly which is right and which is wrong. And any 30 year old has lived long enough to decide on whether or not she should marry a loser. 

I don't agree if parents are to be blamed for their 20 year old drug addict, and it is most definitely absurd to blame an ex-husband to a 50 year old woman who decides to live her life as if she was 20 years younger!

So people, please. Be responsible for the current situation you're in and take the necessary action to have a better future. Don't blame your mother for not feeding you enough breast milk or your father for not giving you enough hugs when you're a child. What you are today was a result of the decision you made when you were a teenager. 


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