Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not Music To My Ears

My 13 year old Hani & 7 year old Arman - jamming session!

Music to my ears, literally...

We often forget that asking certain questions to certain people may cause ourselves unnecessary heartache and bitterness later. Didn't mean to be nosy but, if the queries would  come back to us in a form of a 'slap in da face', then, better just mind our own business next time ya? Stick your nose where it actually belongs sista!

I've been taking my annual leave the past months and was hoping my significant other would do the same. With his work load, I was forced to enjoy my rest days by myself, and sulking... Upset, I went mumbling annoying remarks saying he's always too busy blah blahh blah... Yapping in my husband's face! Wahhh... Can smell hell loh! *Ya Allah, mintak jaoh!!*

Then, he finally finds time to clear his leave, what was my response?? I said to him I'd be  busy with the school holidays & X'mas related events. What did he do? He threw it back in my face! O_0

"Wasn't it you that's been nagging that I've not be taking enough off days, that I was too busy with MY work, that I SHOULD take my annual leave to spend more time at home??!"

-oh man-



Serves you right!

That was sharp and stinging to the delicate ears people! Definitely not music to my soul, no no... So, lesson learned. You want to cuti, go ahead. If attempts to organise a family holiday don't work out, don't take it out on your spouse. Bite yourself.

^Sayang, sorry I nagged stupid-nothings... ampunnnnn...^ 

Diampunkan. Syukor alhamdulillah :D

Forgiven by dear husband... all smiles in my new thepoplook Band Blouse in blue

oh ya! I got myself the one in beige too ;)


Chii said...

ooohhh...the beige/nude/pink blouse looks nice...

Anonymous said...

Look at Arman and his sister, they are having fun I see. =)

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