Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nestle World Walking Day 2011 @ Kuching Waterfront

Emilia & Elvie

Mona :)
LoL! We didn't sing lah!

My colleagues Emilia & Elvie came with me to assist with the Nestle World Walking Day 2011 tshirts distribution early this morning at the gorgeous Kuching Waterfront. When I arrived at half past 4, the two of them were already there, snoring on the registration table... heeheee, kidding! ;)

I really wish I had more pics but my hands were full the whole time and my BlackBerry just had to be in its sometimes-moody-mode, when I needed it most *sigh*. Extra camera?? Well, I was trying to carry as little things as possible, and I just might leave valuables unintentionally, then I'll be in big trouble losing the office's property. 

This morning was not much different from last year... There were 6 or 7 of us at the counter and all we wanted was to get the tshirts out to public as fast as we could. Tshirts were flying from one end to the other...! I only had to yell 'London'! (for L size) and I'd find myself catching a 'flying' Tshirt that suddenly came my way. Hmmm... seemed that tossing was faster than the usual passing politely ;)

We had loads of fun a the counter!! Hectic, yes... but fun :)

Our station

Thank you girls! You guys did an excellent job..!!

Darling friend Mona was there to 'be' with me, to hear me nag nag how tired & thirsty I was and the one who gave me a lift to my office later at noon :) Thanks love!!


With my dearest friend, Fran, my Primary 6 classmate. So happy to see her!

More photos at

The Star 21.11.2011

But the timing couldn't be any worse... I was having a fever & cold, still. It got worse last night as I didn't have proper rest. There was another event I had to attend at Sarawak Plaza from morning till afternoon yesterday, then an association dinner last night. That made it much worse.

By Friday, I knew I was gonna have a tough time today at the Walk. This morning, my head was pounding, eye balls felt heaty and my nose was completely blocked. I gulped down a double doze of Uphamol and Effervescent Redoxon (this was suggested by cousin Lyn). And with my adrenalin rush, I was so full of energy although I knew very well I wasn't supposed to be in the sun running left & right. I'm feeling 'IT' now. Must rest...

So so relieved one event is over with a success. Another major one is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday. I hope I'll be feeling much much better tomorrow.... 

*not so sure bout that*   -___-

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday people!! :)

Yup! I notice it too... the vein has always been there,
right at the centre of my forehead


Lindy said...

I missed it! I must join next year! Look like so much fun! :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Lindy,

Yes... :) I will wait for you to register!

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

That was really hectic!

Ida BorneoLove said...

It really was Willie.. sampei merepuk demam now *sigh*

Saifunnizam Sam said...

it was really fun!joined it for the 1st time and im looking forward for next year!btw,maybe you can propose to improve the traffic marshal for safety...other than that,it was superb!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Saifunnizam, glad you enjoyed yourself.

Noted, with thanks! :)

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