Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hani @ Majlis Kecemerlangan Teresian 2011

My baby girl Hani with her certificate.

"Mama.. NO PHOTOS!"

I had to steal shots.... :/

Crushed! I only wanted one perfect shot of her holding her cert in her school uniform... You gotta understand, this is a motherly thing. You can only picture how obnoxious my behavior was trying to get 'd' best shot of my Hani holding her cert. I was snappin' snappin' sideways while walking towards the stairs as we're leaving the school hall. And, the above pic was the best that I could capture. 

I only managed to snap from afar..
Hani walked away after receiving her Murid Terbaik Kelas certificate

What a proud day it was for my husband and I. Our Hani was one of the recipients at yesterday's 'Majlis Kecemerlangan Teresian 2011'. I took a half-day leave from work just to attend the ceremony, wouldn't miss it for the world :)

These beautiful students lined up at the hall area to welcome the guests

Welcoming dance for the guest of honor

Organizing anything formal and big is not an easy task. Yesterday's event at SMK St Teresa was a major one. Congratulations to the Headmistress, Pengetua Cemerlang Mary John & her team, everything went by perfectly well and beautifully. 

From the moment we arrived at the school gate, till we left after sitting at our seats for over three (not boring) hours, I couldn't help but admiring the well organized ceremony. Even the self-made internally-designed little program book layout has a neat detailing & was immaculately done. We were welcomed from the gate and there were I think about not less than 5 stops of 'Hello, welcome... Thank you for coming...' from dedicated teachers & students who were assigned at particular spots to greet guests. By the time we reached our seats, I felt so 'warm' and already so delighted that I was there, though just arrived. 

In between presenting awards, we were entertained by choirs, duets & the school band played few numbers too keep the atmosphere lively. It was a joyful ceremony indeed!

It was so overwhelming watching high achieving students received their certificates & gifts. They were not only recognized for doing exceptionally well academically, a few were rewarded highly as they represented the country in sports arena, world level people! No kidding man! These students brought back home gold medals for Malaysia okayy!! Ahhh...! I felt the happiness and was moved to tears :')

Parents play very roles in motivating their children to be useful citizens. I'd also like to say a big thanks to the dedicated teachers, for they are the ones who help to nurture our children so that they become the nation's great personalities.

Enjoy the school holidays parents!! :D

Congratulations Hani sayang!


hani syahida said...

congratulations too
hey, I'm hani too :)

Fina said...

Btw, I was a teresian..class of 2001..i really miss those days time maseh hingus hingusan.huhu

mamasita said...

congrat to ur daugther sis..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Hani! Yea... sweet name you gils have :D

Fina, hingus melelehhh?? heehee.. you're funny! I was a Greenian, but am so glad my girls go to St Teresa.

Mamasita, Tq dear..

Will pass Hani the warm message :)

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