Thursday, November 24, 2011

George Clooney Bald Patch



I know... what a terrible way to start your writing. -oh man-

Less sighing please, thank you... Hmmm, such negativity I'm feeding my mind. But hey, would you go all 'YeeeHaa!' happy if all you do is cringe while re-reading your own blog, your own writing?? I had to correct few errors on a couple of days old post, that's been read by many people already. They're like, bald patches... Duhhhhh... 

Yup! My proofreader resigned awhile ago, I'm crushed. He didn't have to put it in black and white, I knew. I knew he's been too too busy to keep up with my blog. 

"Oh? Another post yesterday? Well, I purposely wanna keep few posts unread as I'm keeping them for the lonely nights during my traveling & late nights at the computer while doing my work sayang... I will read them soon." Yea right, darling hubby didn't wanna hurt my feelings whenever I ask him if he has visited my blog lately. He used to take notes on some errors in my vocab & grammar, then I would go back to any particular post & fix them. My usual errors are (from my own findings) missing words. No one should proofread their own writings. Though I've read through like 10 times before I publish, that one word (or two) I missed in between would only be noticed after few days, sometimes months! 
*-oh man- Big Time*

I'm upset. And while we're on the subject of bald patches...

You want to guess what I did to my proofreader when I found out that he has not been doing what he had been assigned to do?? *Evil Smile* 

I offered to give him a trim! Huh..!!! YES I DID 

You can get me to bake, cook, clean or even get me to have my little lawn free from thatch! But you don't let me trim a man's hair. I've no problem giving simple trims to ladies with long hair... you know, just to chop off the ends, but trimming a man's whole  head?? You're gonna have bold patches when I finish. 

OK. No. I wasn't trying to get back at him just because he didn't check the spellings on my writings laaa... Kidding :p

This is a whole new little story;

Few weeks ago, sayang bought an electric hair clipper and asked me to test run on his head. He said, "Gimme the George Clooney look baby!"


I didn't think he was serious. 

He wasn't kidding y'all and was gonna trust me 100% with his hair. I warned him that I wasn't too sure that I could do it, that my confident level with the little machine was only at 2/10. My brilliant idea to get Seri (our 17 year old in-house-hairdresser-daughter) to give my hubby the George Clooney look was thrown back at me. She's too busy studying. "Ma, your daughter is STUDYING for her SPM exam... Ding Dong??!"


...there I was. With the confidence he had in me, I started clipping away, for the first time. To my surprise, it was kinda fun and easy. Of course, I didn't use the clipper that would give drastic cut. I used the 'beginner's' clipper, or whatever you call it. Fun, easy, but I was getting more anxious when my model's hair starting to appear thinner after what seemed to be hours of trimming cutting clipping. I stopped. Called for Seri to judge on my project. Papa quiet, waiting patiently to hear the result...

"Ma. What is that ALMOST-BALD-PATCH on Papa's left side front??" Seri commented with horror.

"Where..??! Where????" I didn't want to accept the fact that I've actually over clipped one spot. ^Can Run Away???^ Cannot. 

"There there!! What? Can't you see this?!." Seri pointed on a spot, obviously has much less hair compared to the whole head.

Oh ya! I saw it alright... What did I do?? I laughed hysterically!

You know what my husband did at this point?? He just stayed in his stool and smiled. I think me & my hubby were all okay about it, except for Seri. Seri scanned my work and could only shake her head. "Oh Maaa..."

"Ok Seri, your turn. Clean up your Papa's hair." I handed Seri the electric hair clipper and watched her finish up my mess :D

Most of the trimmings was my doing. Mannnnnn.... it was a lot of work liaw! Hubby has so much hair you know! But Seri had to come in to complete the George Clooney look. Oh dear, I wanna puke lah :p

Thanks to Seri, Papa looks smokin' hot! :)

Will I do it again? Yes, I would. I'll get the hang of it. Practice really does make perfect, hubby just has to accept that he'll get bald patches from me (few times more) before I could really master using the electrical hair clipper. 

Seri did an excellent job!
She might have to finish off each time after I give her Papa a hair cut.


Cik Nera said...

ohhh kak... i love george clooney like crazy... hahaha

Ida BorneoLove said...

heeheee... I like his acting. And yes, he IS cute ;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

heeheee... I like his acting. And yes, he IS cute ;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Dang! It should be 'bald'. I spelled it 'bold' -__-

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