Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arman Receives His First Academic Trophy

'Mama... you sound like a loud speaker.' -Arman

Can you blame the little boy? His ears were stinging from his Mama's mumbling and nagging non-stop about the mess around the house and whatever else ... Fuuhhh! Stay away from Borneo Love for she is a nagging momster! 

Congrats my darling Arman... Mama so proud!!

17 November 2011

For the next few minutes after hearing that remark from Arman, I 'sealed' my lips and crossed my arms... A body language clearly showed I was upset by what he had said.

'See what you did Arman? Now Mama doesn't want to speak.' -Papa... I was blinking my eyes, trying hard not to open my mouth... 

'... sorry sorry Mama. Pleasssse, I'm so sorry......' Arman was shaking my arm but I kept my arms crossed and just stared at him, while my heart aches.. No more from his remark, but from his cute little remorseful face. What did Papa do?? He was watching all this drama unfolding only 3 meters away with a silly grin!


I finally opened my arms to Arman and gave him a big loving hug. Didn't take me long... I 'gave in' only after about 3 minutes. Okay... my 2012 resolution, less nagging -___-

My 7 year old boy Arman Akhtar
was named after the current governor of Bank Negara Malaysia,
Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz

My husband and I never pressured our children in their studies, that they must be at the top of the class the whole time or, be the school's sports champion. What I don't want to see are their results percentage written in red pen or a 'D' and 'E' in their report cards. 'Try to have less Cs please.' I had told them time and time again. Well of course, I'd nag if I had too, and I did, many times :O

Naming Arman after the highly respected and powerful Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz does not mean I want him to grow up to be a Minister or a super big shot person. But I honestly don't mind if one day he's granted a seat in the parliament, hahaa, that'd be super cool. Urrmm.. can give this Mama a little business supplying breakfast for the ministers?? No..?

Ahemmm... I'm so happy Arman did so well this year, so so happy! Hmmm, I should get a little present for my little man :)

And speaking of school exams, my 17 year old Seri is in the middle of her SPM exam right now. To minimize her already stressful self, I've been trying to give Seri a less hard time at home, meaning, again... less nagging and be extra extra nice to her :p

'Flu??! You OkAyy girl? Must take medication, don't forget the Vitamin C.'

'What do you want for lunch...? Dinner..?? Any preferences? What do you like?'

'No fever, no?? Just flu?'

I'm stressed. Luckily her 'time of the month' was last week, so, no PMS stomach or body aches complains, alhamdulillah. But, I also try to stay out of her way as much as I could. Let her be... But she knows, I'm here whenever she needs anything. And I really did that. I would leave a meeting (with my bosses!), with no hesitation if I had to, for my children, especially when one of them is sitting for a major exam. Like what happened on Monday meeting, I asked to be excused early (and it was almost lunch break) because I needed to get Seri a pack of nasi campor that she had requested earlier that morning, for her lunch, before her second B.Malaysia paper at 2pm.

All the best to you Seri :D

You'll know how I feel when you have your own children. 

Ok peeps! I'm gonna find time to write more real soon. There's a topic that I've been wanting to post in my blog... Let me give you a hint>>> Mother In Law

.... from hell 

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Congratulations little Arman! =)

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