Thursday, October 20, 2011

Similar To Mila's

ada sama??
ada a bit only...

this shot was sent to Mia Suraya

I was blog walking few days ago when I came across a chic blog called 'Stripped', by Mia Suraya. Like any of us, she too adores fashion and I must say, I love her fashion sense & simple elegant style.

On this one particular post that she did, Mia was mentioning how she loved Mila's grey shirt (in the movie 'Friends With Benefits') and been trying to look for the similar look online. She did find an online shopping site that sells a shirt almost similar to Mila's but, it's a bit too expensive, as she had tweeted.

Because of that post, she reminded me of my very own grey shirt that I've forgotten altogether of its existence. I literally went inside three closets trying to find the 'missing' grey shirt this morning. It's been years since I last worn it and these days, my children wear them sometimes... Them. Well ya, me being me, I have three other colours in this fab cut. How I got to have four colours??

Once upon a time..., I had one good looking Giordano white shirt. I was so so in love with the shirt that I had four (in difference colours, of course!) made with similar cutting. The four shirts (including the grey colour above) were made of good quality Japanese cotton, in gorgeous Brown, Dusty Rose and Soft Army Green. (my own descriptions of the colours, please, don't mind me...)

Though cotton, the material has a shiny surface thus making it look chic and hard to believe that the shirts are actually custom made! And even after almost 10 years, all the four shirts are still in very good condition. 

When I reached the office early this morning, I snapped the above pic and sent a 'hello' tweet to Mia with the shot. Heeheeee... was eager to show her that someone out there actually does has one similar shirt like the one Mila wore! :p 

I suggested to her that she heads to a textile shop, get a Japanese cotton in grey and have a good tailor make her her dream grey shirt :D

Mia, I'm sure the (new) grey shirt would look awesome on you! Hopefully I'll see it in your blog in the near future.

She may not be a movie star, but I felt starstruck nevertheless... 
Mia Suraya replied my tweetsss!! OhoMaiiGawdd! 
*ok ok... cool it*


Anonymous said...

That top sure looks like the one Mila was wearing, classy.

SilverSurfer said...

Meaning one can look as good by just custom made, need not to spend hundreds to copy a celebrity's look.

Anna Sue said...

Those are sooooo 'your color'... :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Anna, not sure lah if Grey looks good on my skin, but i wear anyways coz i like to colour very very much! :)

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