Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shopping On PMS Day

This was a full weekend. I like. 24 hours times 2 whole days with my family, my own time! No work people!! But I wasn't feeling well.. that time of the month. -oh man- Everything was pain pain pain. Sore legs and back, aching bloated tummy, puffy eyes, hot flushes every now and then... What to do?

Yup, supposedly I was in no condition to go out & do the weekenddyy stuffs. In no shape to enjoy fried chicken at KFC or even shop at Parkson's sale. Definitely not in the mood to walk 5 miles in the shopping mall for couple of hours looking for shoes. 

I received a 'note' from my female natural side, that, I need a new pair of shoes. That was it, I wanted to buy shoes. 

Feeling (slightly) moody, agitated and (a bit) annoyed, I forced myself to get dressed. Stay in, or the mall, I chose the mall. Telling myself to ignore my sore back and neck, and the discomfort in my tummy (among other discomfortness) only needed a little magic. The word was, 'shopping'. Works every time... *ding ding* And of course the psychological effect where you tell your mind that everything isn't that bad. And telling yourself not to let the physical discomfort be the obstacle for you to enjoy your weekend. It truly worked, like magic :D

It is possible to ignore what you don't want to pay attention to.
I sure won't let my pms/pmt ruin my weekend. My boy makes it all worth while...

Mind is set, that's done. Next, the outfit. 

The last few days have been scorching hot outside. With the flushes, it was worse. So, I better not wear anything.... I wish. Urrmm... (you're no Christina Aguilera girl!) What am I thinking?? Actually, I wanna take that back. I always want to have clothes on me when leaving the house, thank you. But, for today, airy and complete comfort was the theme. The white tshirt was perfect! No jeans, jeans spells 'heat', for me, at least. So, I dug dug dug deep inside my closet and I found my daughter's old skirt buried under a tonne of pants/skirts. 

I like :)

Airy, cool, covered & so damn comfortable!

Up close, it really looks a bit like a rag but I didn't care. I think the whole ensemble was nice.

Sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no photos of my new shoes. Because I didn't get any!

We were on our way to the shoes department when I swerved and stopped at a 70% discount sign. Yes yes.. this was one of those 'opportunity worth grabbing' thingy. Heeheee... The Executive was having an irresistible sale girls!! I just had to... 

Three tops for, RM119! Got myself a cool chic simple grey sequined sleeveless long sweater/cardigan (original price was, RM109) and a cottony satin like gorgeous white shirt. Both cardigan & white shirt at only, RM32 each! *wide grin* =D

A bit over RM50! Yes!! A real home run :D
Sayang loves this colour, bonus!

So, I couldn't spend any more than I already have. I didn't want to. Gotta save for food and other more important things, like the kids' allowances & tuition fees. Shoes will have to wait. 

Then, I watched two movies with the company of my family, at home. Can't remember when I purchased those CDs, I think it was like months back. I've few more I haven't watched. Don't even mention it, I am WaY BeHinD. Don't ask me what is D movie of the moment. Clueless, hopelessly clueless...

Tomorrow Monday. I'm ready. Pheww...! I am already jotting down notes in my mind of what to do first tomorrow morning. Hope you have a good week ahead ya! And don't forget to check on that front door before you go to bed now :)

Till next post, good night, sleep tight & cherio!

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