Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pledge For Hush Puppies

Feeling all guilty when shopping for your own clothes & stuff is a normal feeling when you're a parent to four growing children. I have been thinking about a pair of wedges the past couple of weeks and can't wait to bring them home with me. YuP! I have that guilt feeling alright...

But, between the guilt feeling, daydreaming of wearing my new wedges and waiting for the next paycheck, I've came up with a good explanation if anyone ever comments of my new (expensive) purchase.

"New shoes....? Again...??!" 
is what I hear from my kids when I bring home yet another pair, phewww! Toughie.

Urm... before I go any further, just to set the record straight, I was never a shoe addict, unlike my dear friend Datin Anna Sue. Not sure where I'm heading, I just MIGHT might, might be one. 'Collecting shoes' was never one of my goals in life because one reason for sure, I don't really bother matching what I wear with which shoes to go with... That's why Datin Anna Sue always always looks pulled together and chic, she makes sure her shoes are well matched with her outfits most of the time. I envy her *sigh*

I'm reaching 40 (in about 1 and half years). Okay, you think I can get all dressed up wearing good fitting jeans with a pair of cool shoes in a trendy top when I'm 60??! *huh! sudah buang tebiat itu pompuan* That's like about 20 years (or less) from now. I don't want to get all dressy dressy and looking like I don't realize of my old age, and embarrass my family at the same time. I'm running out of time.

This is what I'm gonna explain to my kids, "Girls, you are young. You have like over 30 years to play dress up and fill up your closets (shoes included). As for me, I only have about 10 years to go before my back would hurt most of time from wearing (good expensive trendy) shoes. So, give your Mama a little break. Let me melaram ya?"

Truthfully, I have missed out on a lot of girly activities the past 20 years. I feel like my time is now. I'm earning better pay (compared to years, years back) and unlike 10 years ago, my little children's needs are my top priority and whatever we earned were all for them. Not that they are not priorities anymore, just that now, I can spend on myself as much as I would spend on them.

the Hush Puppies (DorothyII)
Retails at around RM200

Whoooppss! Didn't mean to show it this soon... *wink wink*

I went surveying for a good pair weeks back. And the Hush Puppies are the best, health wise felt like they're the best for one's (ageing) back. Hush Puppies shoes are no stranger to me, I owned few pairs in the past 2 decades. Darling hubby would buy me a pair and I would be stuck on them for years. Felt like they lasted forever though you had to part with a substantial amount of money, but not too expensive then. One time I bought two pairs of the same design in two colours, they were on a 50% discount and I wore them every single day for 3 years. As we all know, shoes too need a break from our feet and my job needed me to walk (and run!) during most of my working hours. Hush Puppies never disappoints me. They last, they're super cute, they are D most comfortable, good for your back and definitely quality for every penny spent. 

Is this a pledge??

Well ya, looks like it. 

I better quit saying 'not gonna buy anymore shoes for 2 years'   -___-

Payday comin' soon. I've planned in my mind when and where I'm gonna wear them for the first time. *just hope that there are still stocks left for me...*

Still gonna wear these comfy-already-overworn Alain Delon not-so-high wedges :)

Have A Good Weekend Readers!! :*


Chii said...

I think shoes are a great investment other than bags. Yes, children are important but we must not forget ourselves. We deserve to treat ourselves once in a while :))

Anonymous said...

You should try clarks. I can literally run on clarks' heels.
More pricey then hush puppies, but i'd choose clarks than HP.

Ida BorneoLove said...

chii, you're absolutely right! That's why I'm getting myself the shoes, it's a real treat! :D

Ano, ohhhh... If I could I would get Clarks. Even the simple walking sandal cost a whooping RM500, minimum! I want to wait bila bulan jatoh dulu, heeheee...

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