Saturday, October 8, 2011

No Candies For My Love

The chocolate covered candies sounds really good. But, too good, that's my honest opinion.

I mean, I thought our nation was having some economic crisis?? How on earth can we afford the handouts? Why were all these weren't ever done a decade ago? Being a parent, not having to have to buy school text books for my children has been a huge plus easing the burden to my family annual budget dilemma. Thank you for that! But, I don't think forever handing out candies would work. Will we be able to sustain the situation for the next decade? Don't tell me the price of fuel would have to be increased (yet again) because we're running out of subsidies. Urrmm... I think you UP there CAN afford not to get that salary raise, no? 

Seemed more like a popularity stint, I hear we're gonna cast our votes again soon... 


This pic was taken on September 11 at Ayu's campus. Ayu is now home for a whole month and I have been missing her dearly. She's not been home for weeks because she was busy with her finals. Soon, it's going to be Seri. Aduiishh..! My babies are leaving home, they grow up so fast :/

But it's been a real blessing. Arman is doing so well in school, just got his report card this week  and he's top in class :') And Hani is going into an upper class next year, thanks to her significant progress the past months. Seri will be sitting for her SPM exam in a month... I'm tellin' ya, I'm a load of stress but I'm the happiest mom on earth! :D

Ayu is halfway through her course. Nothing would make me happier than seeing my children succeed in their studies. Yes, thanks to the budget 2012, our children shall be receiving a lot of assistance from the government. All they need to do is just focus on their studies (while having fun watching their favorite movies/tv series online and on dvds) and stay out of trouble. No, I don't make unreasonable rules or being too strict with my children. Studies wouldn't be any fun without tv games or PSP. Or music! 



If you're a new parent, or planning to be a parent one day, let me tell you this... It's been a blast! Married life has more meaning when you have a child or children. Again, giving birth hadn't been fun but, seeing them grow have been a real bliss.

You can never have enough love. You thought you wouldn't be able to divide your love among your loved ones fearing that you wouldn't have enough, but you know what? You never have to! Because your love somehow grows and that makes you a better human being. With outpouring love to share each day (with your family and friends), going through this tough journey (in life) has made it less hard when faced with challenges that you think is impossible to overcome... At least, that's how I feel. 

No, I don't have tonnes of candies to give away to my children simply to get them to listen to me. I don't have enough money to give them each time they do well in school or each time chores are done. Thank goodness! I am deeply grateful to God for giving me these children. Syukor alhamdulillah... Because they know I love them, they understand their respective responsibilities. 

It has not been all easy, and it has not been all hard either. You just need to be prepared to some life changes, sacrifices and a lot of giving in. 

For me, it's all been worth it :)

Hani, Ayu, Seri & Arman

Look at them! How can you not love these faces!! 

Arman & Ayu

Arman & Seri

Arman & Hani 

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