Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nadya's Birthday Party

During my time, I never had the chance to wear any of these cute birthday party stuff. So, excuse me, let the little child in me have a little bit of fun...... No, it is not my birthday. It's my niece Nadya's birthday party. Though it was just a very small gathering of few of her classmates, Nadya had tonnes of fun and all the children really enjoyed themselves :D

Happy 7th Birthday Nadya!
(Nadya is exactly 9 months younger than my Arman)

Okay, I just had to have few shots taken 'hitting' the PINATA before the birthday girl gets the chance to split its gutt ;p

"Ma, you should be blindfolded! But don't hit it!!"

Well, ya, I had to be restrained.

"Sayang, I want a PINATA for my 40th birthday party."

Helping myself with the food was never a problem. But I was being extra extra careful, don't want what happened last week (when I had the stomach upset thingy...) to happen again. My sister in-law prepared simple finger food for everyone, sandwiches, potato wedges, french fries & kids' all time favorite, the spaghetti. 

... no comment

Mom's car porch area can easily parks 5-6 cars so,
we had ample space for kids to run around & have fun :)

Pity this poor fella... he's looking so cute and cuddly. But, you're meant to be crushed!
Heehee.. Nadya can be very shy. She didn't want to do it at first, when she finally did, she gave a very girly swing & Mr PINATA was still intact. I told my brother in-law to give Nadya a hand (quite literally!). 

Imagine the excitement on the daddy's face! 


After forcing the children to pick up all the candies, we fed them. We fed them well ;)

After the food, birthday girl and her friends were entertained with couple of games before the real fun begins. 

Oh ya! If I had brought extra clothes, I'd be the one sitting in the little pool.

Even cousin Seri was hit! Yup! She went to her tuition class in wet jeans :)

We had so much fun watching the kids ran around with water filled balloons aiming for 'targets' at the same time. Being children is such great fun huh?! Luckily there were not like 50 kids to watch over, hahaa...


Alv0808 said...

What a great birthday party and I can see you enjoyed yourself too hehehe

Cyril Dason said...

Looks like an awesome party!

Anonymous said...

What a fab idea for a kids party! (:

mamasita said...

wow bestnya!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Oh Yes! We had such great time with the kids :)

I think I want waterballoons war for my b'day too ;)

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