Monday, October 10, 2011

Luckiest Wife Siti Aisyah r.a

with my darling cousins (bapak's side) and sister Siti at cousin
Yuswandi & Nisa's wedding

After the bride & groom were seated, there was a short Tazkirah, right before the 'doa'.

Interesting, I have to say. Sadly, it was of a general issue... divorce. It was mentioned, that, the divorce rate has gone up in this modern society. Both parties have to work together in order to make a happy marriage happen. Tolerance, patience, respect and continuous communication are only to name a few of the simple ingredients for a blissful life together.

Rasulullah SAW was coming home one night when He arrived at His closed front door. He called out to His wife, Siti Aisyah, "Assalamualaikum Siti Aisyah..." No respond.

"Assalamualaikum ya Siti Aisyah..." Second time, still, no respond. Then, He tried again for the third and last time, "Assalamualaikum Siti Aisyah..." with a soft tone, as he did the first and second time too. 

No reply, nobody came to open the door for our beloved Rasulullah SAW and nobody responded to His salam.

Morning came..... Siti Aisyah opened the door and found Her husband Rasulullah SAW sleeping outside the door. Shocked! "Ya Allah...! Ya Rasulullah, I'm so sorry for I fell asleep last night and didn't hear you've arrived home." said Siti Aisyah feeling guilty.

Nowadays, some husbands would reply with the angriest tone accompanied by a not-too-handsome-morning-face when their callings are not answered instantly, "Are YoU DEAF WoMaNNN!!???" No, you're too loud Husband :/

How did Rasulullah SAW replied to His beloved wife Siti Aisyah? ..."It's okay, it was my fault my dear wife. I was the one who came home late." with an assuring loving smile. 

Aaahhh...! That's so sweet ^_^

Okay now. What did we learn?

>>>someone answered<<<

Correct! Patience. That was true patience. 

And? And what??? Anyone??

>>>I hear a little whisper<<<

Spot on!! ...... Love.

That's love. 

Never reply with sarcasm. Don't respond by rolling your eyes. Always salam before leaving and when meeting again. Only raise your tone when he does... Urmm... tak boleh?? Okay okay... Never (ever) raise your voice. Go to bed together at the same time. Woohh! What else? I think you get the idea :D

You may think you know your partner well enough after having a close relationship for years (before marrying), it can be very different from what you imagined after living together under the same roof. Any differences can be worked out if both husband and wife instill positive attitude towards one another. And don't start pointing fingers when the problem originated from you. 

Did you watch the Malay drama last night? ...Dang! Can't remember the title, 'Qaseh Aiman', if I'm not wrong... It went like this;

The husband started having an affair, the wife gave him 'space', but he went 'roaming' out of the 'circuit'. When the wife found out and confronted him, he blamed the fate, and the wife. And he insisted it was never his fault it all happened. He said the wife wasn't being a wife enough. -oh man- Oh ya?? And that gave him the reason to go astray?? How convenient. No no! Not his fault he had said. 

Long story cut short. The wife was not about to give up, most of all for the sake of their three children. Winning the hubby back was not easy as he was totally smitten by the younger sweet little missy. Of course, hubby finally chose the family, little missy heartbroken. Tough..

Moral of the story, things only happened when both parties gave mutual responses. Fate or lack of attention from dear wifey has so little to do with the so-called-just-happened relationship. 

So, stay focus on your sacred union. Take care of your spouse's feelings. You will be happy for eternity, InsyaAllah...

Congrats Newlyweds Yuswandi & Nisa!

Me and my siblings

Ehem! They are no loving couple y'all!
They are loving siblings, my dad with her darling sista, my aunt Mak Yo :)


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

uu i love this entry!!

Anonymous said...

Eeee ya yaaa, i like, double like like! Inspired to b a gud wife one day (=

Wan Sharif said...

terrific entry.. with all the love and islamic tazkirah to beat!

mamasita said...

alhamdulillah..such a wonderful story to share..thanks..

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tq, worth sharing, for all men & women :)

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