Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Our Junks

Seri in her Nike jersey

I miss my children when they're young. Really, where has the time gone??

As a parent, kids are kids when they are in school, primary & secondary. But, once Ayu left her Form 5 two years ago, I felt like my baby is not a baby anymore! She's a real adult who's going to face this (sometimes cruel) world all by herself and she won't be needing her mama no more!! *duhh... sad*

Not that I'm sad because they're gonna need me less but, I'm sad that they're not going to be protected by me & their father 24 7 like how we always did when they're younger. I'm worried for their safety, that's actually it. *oh man* -____-

SPM is drawing nearer and Seri looks like she is ready for the big exam. Just that she's been deeply bothered by the zits on her little face. Yes, she has a small face :) 

"Sokay girl, that's temporarily... Your emotions & hormones are all over the place now. It'll go away soon..." still, she would pull a pout each time, heehee... 

Seri (far left) with her oh-so-cute best friends, in their self-designed sports jersey
(numbers represents their dates of birth)

School time is the best, don't you agree?? 

Seri still uses this bag (Nike Rock), after 11 years!
Imagine that, using the same school bag since she was in Primary 1 till today, in Form 5. Cool!
*lucky me, saved a lot liawww...* wink wink

Seri in her Papa's 30 year old Smurf sweater ;) A true classic!!

Seri in my 24 year old pink kurung
Ayu with my 19 year old leather Bonia handbad

Arman in his Papa's (over) 30 year old face-print tshirt

Me in my (not so old) 10 year old shirt

today's shot
it's been awhile since I've worn this shirt, so comfy comfy & polite ;)

Wow... I sure have a lot of old stuffs haa? And it's getting hard to throw things away. So sayang...! I'm growing piles of junk man... Aiyaaa..! But good junks. The ones with holes (well, except for that kebaya) I will try to let go and dump them inside the trash. I don't even call them trash :[ Always, always tough to let go... As for the 'good junks', they're not treated as junks. We all have our fair share of 'junk wearing days' and happy to flaunt them :D Ahh! Love them.

My point is, keep what you may thought are your old clothes. They might come back in fashion! Smurf is kinda hot now and Seri is wearing the original sweater y'all! hahaaaa... 

And to my Seri, Mama wishes you all the best in your coming exam. Sleep well, watch some movies (if you're bored), get on facebook to catch up with friends (oh ya.. I forgot, you deactivated your fb, Ok), don't forget your vitamins and study smart :)


Chii said...

i shud store something from this "era" (lol) to pass down to my children someday. just like u did. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Arman so cute! =)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Chii... Yea you should! Maybe you can come up with a time capsule :D Cool haa?

Ano.. tq :)

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