Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Halloween!

Competition is open to children from 5-10 years of age

Last week I was worried, worried, confused, anxious & not motivated.

Today I feel excited, nervous, very motivated and (almost) settled.

When you have like only 5 kids signed up for an event sponsored by big names, you have no way of escaping that 'I-wanna-quit-now!' feeling. But of course, it was still too early to decide whether or not to submit application to be transferred to another department when you have about 10 more days before the event..., 10 days to reach your targeted number of participants.

Thank God, I can untie that big knot in my stomach because as of today, we have more than 20 little boys & girls registered for this Saturday's competition. *phewwww...*

It's going to be an extra special event as it's the first one since Riverside Shopping Complex reopens its doors to shoppers after a two months renovation. I am loving the new look! So much livelier and we have larger space to play police & thieves!! Hahaa... Kidding laa ;)

Oh yes! The shopping mall's lover ground floor looks huge and sunnier :D

If you happened to be in Kuching this weekend, please, stop by ya? The event starts at 1pm and you'll will be missing a lot of fun if you didn't come. Can't wait to see what parents have in store for their 5 year olds... 

Owwww..! I'm so gonna get this ;)
heehee... maybe I can be 'D Devil In Peradah'

or..... should I be donning something spookier??

I Honestly Have No Idea To Be What This Saturday! -____-

 -oh man- 

I am so not good with this costume kinda thing... Okay. We'll think of something, 
we will. 

Top - South China Sea
Pants - G2000
Belt - Charles & Keith

You've gotta give me a standing ovation on this one,
yesterday was the first time I wore my 2 year old belt.
*thank you.. thank you.... :D*


Chii said...

wah...riverside has opened? the last time i was at kuching was gawai...hope i could visit again soon :))

Ida BorneoLove said...

Morning Chii,

Oh yes, just opened this last Monday after renovation. It's looking awesome!! ;)

Give me ping if you're around ya?

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