Saturday, October 1, 2011

Doktor Cinta

Congrats Nadia on your wedding today.
Y'all ! Meet my new cuz :D

My cousin Zec & his new wife, Nad

Lots of women prefer to live their lives alone, ultimately. Hmm.. Alone IS NOT the word. I prefer, independently. Personally I think these (single) women have very strong inner strength. I wouldn't want not to have a man to drive me everywhere, no one to turn off the lights at bedtime or, to brew coffee in the morning... I like being a queen, and have a prince do all that! LOL

Some of us didn't choose to be single all our lives. No no, just that some things didn't work out how we'd like them to. 


She came to me~ Doesn't know which to choose, but how to choose in the first place?? I'm no Doctor Love but this one needed answers. Her problem; Phobias & too many choices! Uh-oh! Men just came runnin' to her the soonest they heard she was single, again. Ok girl, now, you have to narrow down the numbers first. (his) Faith, check! Heart, check! Job, check! Paycheck, ....err..., This IS important...

which leads to....

I've seen it. I've seen young girls leaving for work chauffeured (on motorbikes) by their jobless boyfriends. Wokay, stop! Motorbikes are not to say not-desirable form of transportation, but, but girls, ladies, this is your choice to make. Choose wisely. Ok. Where were we?? Jobless boyfriends.., 

Then the girlfriend gets off the bike and digs into her little handbag for a little purse. Hands over a red note to boyfriend. This happens. You want a man, a boyfriend, who's able to take of you. You do not want this situation especially if it continues on when you already have three crying babies to feed. You're struggling to make ends meet by selling curry puffs & cakes to neighbours, while he's puffing away sitting at the coffee shop lepaking with the boys!?

Paycheck, check check!! Extra wives extra girlfriends, check?? Goner! Ehem, helo, no share share ya! 

You'll need to make a little list. Name them, with their goods & bads traits. Eventually, you'll know which one is The One. But never, never ever rush. Reminder; Talk big, boaster, too proud of his hair, mama's boy... Out! 

She came to me~ #Confused by his no-show-of-affection. "But he gave me all these gifts... Nice watch, perfumes... erkkk... (???)" Girl, he likes you alright. Maybe he's just trying to not be all lovey dovey after that painful break-up. Give him time, sokay. It's already a huge bonus that he calls & text you every single day, no?? But, if again, if ever again he compares your doings to his ex, this time don't tell him off. Don't let him off the hook that easily, don't say, "Please don't ever mention your ex ever again!" Then he'll shut up that subject shall never arise, ever. Wouldn't you want to turn the table?

Gotta rephrase that girl. Instead, ask him... "Tell me, why  you have to compare me with your ex? Tell me, I want to know." And he better answers. 

I told her, if he still have the ex at the back of his mind, chances are, he's still thinking of her. But you can't really blame him, can you?? Feelings can't be switched on & off overnight. Take the positive side of this, means that he really really loved her. Means that, he's really into the lady he's with. He'll be there with you 100%, just be patient. 


Most women dream of having a happy married life. Most women would want to be married, and have children. They say, "You can't be too choosy!" Easy for them to say. Not many are lucky enough to have soul mates fall on their laps, without even looking hard! And some even summed up, "Maybe you're looking too hard..." Omg! Now I'm making you confused. *pusingggg*

Listen to your heart. Don't listen to others too much. And don't think about it too much. Speaking of which... I tweeted few days ago, 'I'm a doktor Cinta'.

It really made me feel like one... After the latest 'consultation#', I realized I've given a lot of advice on love. They just came up to me, and, lay it all out. Kinda proud being able to help, and feel honored with the trust they have towards me. Honestly, I'm quite amazed by this little skill of mine. I would hear myself give pieces of my mind and advice, and then thought to myself, wow! Did I just figured that out for her/him?? 

I know a lot of friends who are single, and they are such happy bunch! *jealous* Well ya! I never join their girls'-night-out! Ever!! No doubt, I'm sure the outings are always fun :D They did ask me to join, but, I always had to turn down the delightful offer. They stop asking... *Wwhyyyyyy???!*

Now now... You're too married and laundry is your second name. Stop dreaming of that happy hour. 

Yes, being single can be a lot of fun. Some say it's the saddest thing. You, who said that, can go fly kite! My single friends aren't sad. They have the biggest hearts and they are so successful. They are the ones who live at home and take care of their parent/parents and always there for friends who are in need. I love you guys, you know who you are. *huggsss kiss kiss*

We choose to be married, and single. Nothing wrong with being 'too' married, or single either. God has plans for all of us. But we are the ones who paint the white canvas... Urm, sounding so poetic, me, nooooo....!

Done, okay done. Have a good Sunday peeps ;)


Doktor cinta life lessons, true love-life stories by others...


Wan Sharif said...

Wow.. boleh jadi part time consultant nie.. but then nak kena bayar ke? :)
I guess the pleasure of seeing someone happy leaving the place of rendezvous and make a better once-a-lifetime decision out-weights whatever monetary value.. continue the good word ;)
May Allah bless you...

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tq, may Allah bless you & your family too. :)

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