Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cared By My Kids

Ayu was with me most of time making sure I was okay, specially when I was driving

Where would I be without my kids?

Came home Tuesday evening feeling all funny and 'unsettled' in my stomach. I could feel my lunch hasn't been properly digested. It wasn't good. Asked mom for some ENO. For what it's worth, I just swallowed the mixture in hope my upset stomach would calm down.

Nae... Didn't work. It had to come out, all of it!! From the time I got home at 7pm till midnight, I vomited four horrible times! Three times I thought I was going to die! *too drama.. no, I meant, faint* One time, I was sitting on the toilet bowl..... okay, too much information there *ahemmm*

The pain in my stomach felt like I was about to give birth, well, not exactly, but, almost close. Didn't feel anything like food poisoning (as I thought I was having), more like cramping and thai-boxy-ing in my stomach! Couldn't sleep for hours as the pain would come and go in every half hour or less, fuuhhh... Was horrible..!

It was already 4 in the morning and the pain still persisted. Thought I puked it all out alreadeh! No no, still in there. And I was badly dehydrated, adding to that, I had a throbbing pain in my head. Malnourished & not enough fluid. If I was brought to the hospital, I think they'd put me on drips, seriously. 

But, I couldn't let that happen, who's gonna look after the kids?? Had to tough it up because kids had to go to school on Wednesday morning. Oh ya! I was in no condition to be seated behind the wheel but I had to drive. Brought Ayu with me (as a co-pilot?? I suppose...), just in case. -oh man- My stomach was pulling cramps, my head was throbbing, my limbs were all weak after losing so much fluid & food... I just wanted to get back home fast and get back into bed. 

After dropping off Seri & Arman at their schools, Ayu & I went straight home and I crashed till 11am. Had to get ready again to drive Hani to school, and I needed to see the doctor. There I went again, driving myself to the clinic. Doc said it's not food poisoning, it's a bad stomach upset. "What did you eat Ida??"

Swallowed hard...

I answered, I knew what I was getting.

"McD for breakfast & KFC for lunch..."

"Oh my.. You know that's not healthy? What were you thinking??" Doc nag nag nag... Urmm, good nag. Thank you.

"I give you 2 days sick leave, that's alright? Don't think that stomach is gonna be better too soon." Doc talked nice to me :)

Wei! 2 days?? I should be jumping for joy, but hey, no joy with this kinda pain. You don't want this sick leave, no no, no Sir!

Ayu, Seri & Hani became my mummies. Yes, they prepared oats for me (the only thing I could digest), get their brother showered and dressed, fed him, fed me, watched over me, did the laundry, clear the dishes... I thank God for my girls :') Even Arman came to give me mum-you-will-get-better-soon-hugs. But I feel bad though, they shouldn't be the ones looking after me. Oh! Where was my husband? That's the thing! He's out of town... timing sucks big time. Urrggghhh.. I was calling him at 3 in the morning wanted him to fly back home pronto!! ......Yup, I'm sensible. Of course I didn't ask him to do that. Just said, I'll hang in there.

Guys, that was one bad tummy ache. Really bad. Usually I just have a very light lunch but somehow I wanted the snack meal that day. Bad decision. Funny, after clearing my gut Tuesday night, I hadn't really feel the hunger since yesterday, till now. I just force eat, oats and a bit of rice. With lots of water. 

Well now, I better get to bed. Work tomorrow. Don't make bad decisions okay? Eat well and take care.

Thank you my darling daughters, Ayu, Seri & Hani, and my dear son Arman, for taking such good care of their sick mommy for two whole days. Love you all to bits! 


f.i.e.z.a said...

how r u now sis?
wish ure getting better
had one before nang sakit sik terkata-kata

take care! :)

lemonade said...

u r so lucky Ida

Alv0808 said...

Hope you are getting well...

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tq all of u!

Yup.. I am so so lucky and thanx, I am getting better. Still have to watch my food and can't really eat too much at one time. And avoiding oily food. Have a good weekend girls! ;)

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