Sunday, October 9, 2011

BIBC 2011 Gala Dinner

Hair~ hairdo
Kurung~ Ayu Zulaika 
Brooch~ Datin Anna Sue's Khatera Coutures
Silk Cashmere Shawl~ A special gift from cousin Lyn
Clutch~ A special gift from cousin Misah

You see, I had a whole 'team' of stylist dressed me up literally from head to toe for the special evening... Harr harr! *dreaming laaa* Hmm...... I wish ;)

It was for the Borneo International Beads Conference 2011 Gala Dinner, on 8 October at The Sarawak Chamber, Riverside Majestic Hotel.

Me & sweet cousin Lyn

Cousin Lyn was one of the committee members who organized the BIBC2011 and she did an excellent job on the Gala Dinner. Wow! I could see it was one very stressful event to manage. And everything was going on for three days and tomorrow's the last day. The Gala Dinner went by without a hitch and the food was awesome! Sayang and I were seated with few other old and new friends next to the stage. And boy, I tell ya, it was a fun table and we had a great view of the fashion show.

Gorgeous outfits designed by Michael Ong, Melinda Looi and Tom Abang Saufi were on the runway. Only had my blackberry with me so, as expected, most of the photos didn't turn out as clear. But, I managed to snap just few good ones :)

Met new friends, Yvonne, Dewi & Grace

The fashion show

I love love these kaftans! The Royal Terengganu Songket. Beautiful...

I feel for Lyn. Can't imagine how tired she is now... Just one more day Lyn, one more. As one of the guests, it was fun for me to just sit back and watch and EAT! But being an organizer for a jumbo event like this takes a lot of mental & physical strength. Multi-taskiing is your middle name and everything must be P E R F E C T. No kidding. Even more stressful that this one is an international event! *GuLP*

Lyn is one tough lady and a very good friend of mine. I'm sure she's gonna celebrate big time after tomorrow! ;) And oh ya! In case I need a stand-in for my event, she is only a bbmessage away *wink wink*.

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