Saturday, October 29, 2011

Age Catching Up On Me

Well of course!

Taking a breather while sipping (more like gulping down..!)
the healthy Evian before changing into my 'costume'.....

Urmm... Was only wearing a very small part of a costume, 
oh my blog! I look silly *covers face*

And I WAS mumbling 'whatever-on-earth' non stop!!
I am positive I saw all my kids hid under the chairs at this point...

"It is my turn Yas!! You hearrr!!!??"

mummy hantu and baby minah salleh :p

I'm beat. But totally relieved :)

Almost 20 little boys & girls turned up and we had such a spooky time this afternoon. It even got better at the end of the event when King's Ice Cream handed packets of half a dozen of ice-cream to everyone! Catsfm too packed loads of candies for the kids to bring back home and danced together with all the 'halloweeners' on stage before we announced the winners. Heeheee... can you imagine their happy-spooky faces?? *this reminds me of Casper The Friendly (always smiling) Ghost*

Tomorrow I'm gonna sleep in. -oh man- I think I can sleep a whole 24 hours... *you wish girl!* Feel like age is catching up with me, I mean, I was planning on doing this event organizing thing till I'm like 90 but, will it still look cool if I had to use crutches?? And wear the devil headband too?! Oh no, not cute people!

Seriously, I'm so tired I don't even feel hungry. Hmmm..., maybe I should start doing some light exercises for extra stamina, ha?? Yeah, you're right, I really should. But not tonight. Tonight I'm hitting the sack early. *dilly delay dilly delay delay dilly delay delayyy, typical* 

Wokay folks! Going out to catch the midnight movie aei? Well then, you have fun. And enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps! I do have more pics of today's event but yet to be uploaded. You keep yourselves updated with more of our fun activities here, k?

Till next post, good night readers :D

Congratulations Nurhaslinda!!

Hmm... that is one vogue looking 'pontianak'

Sunday Star 30.10.2011

Sunday Tribune 30.10.2011

>>> Will forever stay in my heart... miss you Oden <<<


AmirFX said...

Musim halloween.. Mesti ada gula2..

Wan Sharif said...

Take it from AyohWang .. Do not I repeat do not slow down.. The moment you take it easy or slow down.. You will accumulate "the laziness" not to forget the "extra inches at the places you do not like to have extra inches;( . Believe me That how my late father went through his 95 years on this earth (read : not needing peoples help) .. Psst your body will know to extract any needed rest on its own. Do listen to your body at times ;)).

Ida BorneoLove said...

thanx for the input :)

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