Thursday, September 8, 2011

World Walking Day 2011 @ Kuching Waterfront

Nestle World Walking Day 2011
brochures & coupons

Yes, it's that time of year again. It is time for the fun-filled World Walking Day 2011! Yipppeeee!! Has it been one year?? Wow! Is it just me or is it really that time just zoomed broomed went by like a blink of an eye?? Wei, that exaggeration is a bit over the top liawww..., watch it Ida. *noted, thanks*

World Walking Day 2010 was a huge success and Nestle is organizing another healthy fun walk with everyone on 20.11.2011, again, at the beautiful Kuching Waterfront. I received the registration forms & coupons from Nestle this morning and public are required to come to Sarawak Plaza information counter to fill the provided forms (if they want to be included in the hour long fun walk). Just don't forget to bring along a copy or your IC, very very IMPORTANT! No copy of your IC, no coupon. Each registered person will be given one coupon to be redeemed on the event day. One coupon for one free WWD2011 cute Tshirt. Uh-ha! You heard me. FREE FREE Tshirts will be given away, but very limited. You gotta be quick. 

So?? Don't just sit there mate!! Get your cute little ass movin' and sign up now :D

Registration for WWD2011 closes on Sunday, 6 Nov 2011. TQ!
updated on 2 Nov 2011


AmirFX said...

Kak Ida.. Kmk mok join.. Kat cney Sarawak Plaza information counter? Tingkat berapa?

Ida Amk said...

Hi Amir, information counter ya rah entrance Sarawak Plaza, Upper Ground floor. Embak geng :)

bubblybutterfly said...

ada x utk late registration?bok dgr time travel di KK then direct ke KL.maok join juak...serombongan keluarga dah register,jelesnya!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Bubblybutterfly,

Yes, still boleh register. You have to hurry though... don't forget to bring copy or your ic and remember, no representative. tq!

Officially Ser Hendrix said...

IF i don't register , can i still be the part of the event?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Officially Ser Hendrix,

yes, the event is open to public. You can join the walk & other activities as well :) Be there by 6:30am.

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