Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Baby Rayyans

Nope! I'm not expecting... sorry to disappoint you guys -__-

Well ya, I know my stats says "I'm 8 weeks and I'm craving Starburst !!!", which was actually for a good cause. I notice not many of my friends responded to the little tease, supposedly to ignite some awareness. Can you blame them??

A friend text me saying she received a number of text messages congratulating on her pregnancy! It wasn't just her, a relative really thought his son is gonna get a new cousin, from me. Woh! Not yet not now okayyy!? Then, the timing just couldn't be any better, I just had to post -hunting for a breast milk pump- on my fb stats. Well dhaa...  

Yes, we are now on a subject of 'babies'. My family & I attended a Doa Selamat for one of my closest friends of 25 years newborn son Rayyan this morning (happens to be our neighbour too) and he's such a tiny little bundle of joy! So fair and so so adorable!! Congrats Ros & Rizal, may you're blessed with more more and more. Hee hee... seriously, are you thinking of having more??

Arman has expressed his wish recently that he wants 2 baby brothers


Ayu holding baby Rayyan (neighbour)

Seri holding baby Rayyan (nephew)

Two Rayyans! Yeap... Meet another Rayyan, this is Rayyan my nephew. He's celebrating his first Raya this year and this is the first time we meet him in person. Look at those chubby cheeks!! He's just simply so cuddliable... Urrmm, any such word? I used to bite into my babies' cheeks till they cried and papa would ask, "Ok mama, where did you bite the baby this time??" Hmmm...

I know, they are simply delicious don't you agree?? I'd see babies at McD or at the shopping malls and always I almost went up to the parents to ask for permission if I could hold the baby for a minute. Don't know why, my arms just felt like they wanted to feel the baby's warmth and weight and I so love baby's natural scent! Ooohhh! Intoxicating. Okay now, I'm not going to have one soon. Giving birth scares me, honestly. I'll just borrow one or two and sniff from a distance, if I get too addictive.

Ehemm... You must be wondering why I went looking hunting for the breast pump. There's a story, it is something to blog about. 

My husband's brother flew in from KL on the first day of Raya evening with his family and my sister-in-law was (WAS) 6 and a half months pregnant. She was okay.... for a day. Of course, she wasn't due to give birth yet but she was already having contraction on Merdeka night. Had she given birth 3 hours sooner, it would have been a Merdeka baby :D

She didn't. The baby came on 1 Sept 2011 at 2:30am. Not a real shocker that she gave birth too soon as my nephew Eshan was also born prematurely. Then again, we didn't expect it to happen again. But it's kinda cool that they're 'stuck' here in Kuching for awhile :) But no photo of my new niece though, she's placed inside the incubator for awhile and only the parents are allowed to visit her at the hospital. InsyaAllah, we'll get to meet my new niece real soon. 

The doctor had asked my brother-in-law to start bringing in the breast milk soon and mummy needs a breast pump. So, who went looking...??? Me, Wa Ida :) Naahhhh! Was no hard work, just had to make a trip to the baby store and made them reserve the only pump left available. 3 outlets people! And there was only one Avent breast milk pump left??! I said, "I'm coming to get it right now you hear??!! Don't go selling it to someone else little Missy!" They do have other brands but I've used Avent, and my sister-in-law has been using it too. It's the best so far. Pricey, but, very very reliable. 

Avent breast milk pump

They have the cutest baby stuffs these days! So cute!!

I never came across this during 'my time'

Good Raya?? I certainly enjoyed mine, gonna miss the holidays. Really really looking forward to the next public holidays. Ate a lot?? I did. Couldn't help it, everyone was serving great yummy dishes. 

Work mode?? *forced ON*


Coffee Girl said...

What a coincidence 2 Rayyans! :-) Selamat hari raya Ida! Sorry i sik sempat ngabang tek...

Ida Amk said...

Tq darling.. sik hal, I know... rumah you dikunjung oleh PM bah, that's why you busy gilak nak? heeheee... jgn marah, guro sis.

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