Friday, September 23, 2011

Pro. Photographer In The Family

testing the flash...

Faz proudly promotes Dansa II

Brother in-law Faz has no way of escaping this family obligation.
After all, he's the pro one :D

Harharrr... No no. Not this obligation ;)

At play with my daughters

I don't really know when Faz actually started going pro as a photographer... But I know he's always been into cameras & stuff. Residing in KL sure gives a whole wide world (so to speak) of opportunities to broaden one's hidden talent and discover what lays beneath a particular hobby/interest, that is, an attractive income!

He's been all over the place, I heard. Yup! Faz isn't the type who brags so I don't really know for sure what he'd be up to next. Sometime I wonder how he manages to divide his time between studying & working/travelling... I only hear bits and little pieces of his adventures (travelling the world) from fb & mom, 'Emmm..., Faz was in Thailand. Leaving for Japan soon...'

Dansa was published a couple of years ago and Dansa II was launched in March this year. Yup! He's the photographer for Sasha Bashir's Dansa projects. Isn't it cool?? And how he got to work with Sasha Bashir I also have no clue!! What I know, he's good at what he does and he's always busy with jobs to cover.

At work, taken from inside cover of 'Dansa Malaysia by Sasha Bashir'

He's covered a lot of other events too, fashion shows, sports, launching... eHhemmM! Except mine! One day, one day I'll get him to cover for my event.

Some of the places he's been to...

... Taiwan

... no stranger at the circuit

... at the top of the world (Macau)

... Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

... Toraja, Sulawesi Selatan

... Kudat, Sabah

... Queensland, Australia

.... in the mud!

... Kyoto, Japan

.......... to name a few. 

So, for our family photo session this year, mom managed to make Faz 'work' for free for like couple of hours. It was done at night time and my nephew was already in a cranky mood being sleepy & tired after a whole day of playing & visiting. But, we girls wanted Faz to snap some silly photos of us, hee hee... just for fun :D

And it was fun, and silly. 

I was trying to work up a smooch!

You like??
Seri clearly hated it :p

My twin sis Ina has commented that I'm being 'skalo' (silly) here, then I responded,
'Skalo skali skala is healthy' (being silly once in awhile is healthy)

Seri, as always, wanted to be D CENTRE of attention it.. Worrrkkk it girls!

Mom was trying to get Ayu to smile with her mouth open.
She always appears, 'smooching' :)

Notice Ayu's cute smile?

I've to show you this.

Look! Look at me...!

Face, check!

Hair, check!

Arrgghhhh! So vainnnnn...! :p

OMG! I'm sure you mr/miss blog cop is having a field day aren't ya?? Yea haa... You know, there is a phrase, 'Narcissism IS Necessary'. Don't tell me you're gonna let that 'something' stuck hanging in your nose now??! Kecantikan ketrampilan mesti di jaga dong!! ;) *peace*

Well then, guess this is it for now. What do you have planned for the weekend?? I've to work tomorrow, gonna sing Hari Raya tune and enjoy the show. I hope you have a lovely weekend... Don't eat too much and sleep well ya? Ciao!

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Sedehlah raya dah habis =(

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