Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Furniture

Who? Who shops for new furniture items (for their living rooms) after Raya?

You too??

I tried. I tried doing it well before Raya so my family and I could enjoy lazing on this awesome find when the Aidilfitri arrived, you know... in new baju Raya on a new jumbo day bed. But cheesecakes were all that it was. Nothing else was on my mind but to settle the Hari Raya cheesecakes orders. Quite overwhelming, specially when you're fasting because I felt like my brain couldn't take too much thinking... dhaaaaa *I'm so weak, sigh*

This is not a usual annual thing for my family. Buying furniture needs a lot of family discussion and budget planning. 'All say Aye??' And I was overjoyed when I heard the 'Aye.' Yaayyyyy! Of course the sales from my cheesecakes contributed a lot to this purchase. Then again, if hubby have said 'No', ....I would have insisted!! Kidding... :p

Mesti pandai pujuk ;)

For this day bed, sayang didn't need much convincing on how much I need NEED it. Then of course, he had to live with my constant 'When.. When?? When can we go pay?? We go now.. Now!!', like for three days!

Love it! It is the same size as a normal single bed and matches the rest of my teak furniture. Sometimes, hubby & I with our little boy Arman would fall asleep on the living room floor  watching tv. As you can see, we lovvvvvve the living room floor ;) So, this was perfect for our routine.

We'll squeeze get all huggy huggy so the one sleeping on the 'outside' wouldn't fall off :)

Table lamps were next on my list. We did quite a bit of survey in search for the nice simple not-too-expensive ones. Then I remembered I have some Parkson Gift vouchers to spend. They do have some very cute all kinds of home deco items, including colourful table lamps. I got a couple for our living room. 

There you go, I'm officially kering. Can be a bit addictive, I think some of you would agree with me. Right now I keep looking around my living room to see what else to buy next and where to put what O_o

*looking for a nice teak all purpose mini cupboard/side table/console table*

...when's payday??


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it look better with a white table lamp?Just a thought.


Coffee Girl said...

Nice sofa! dont worry, ur not the only one buying furniture AFTER raya. haha

Aih kak, sine table lamps banyak2 ya? Parkson nok ney tok? Kamek carik table lamp juak. kacak eh.

Ida Amk said...

Coffee girl, these were at Parkson Spring but sik byk tinggal dear.. at Riverside pun sik byk choice.

njoy your weekend dear!

Coffee Girl said...

really? the other day sblm raya kurang jak koleksi spring ya, i bought one. kelak ngabas agik. thanks!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Not sure if the stock will still be the same or more or, less. Mcm sik betambah jak stock nya I rasa, check jak :)

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