Friday, September 9, 2011

Hole In My Raya Kebaya

This cute beaded top was the only Raya outfit I purchased to wear for this year's Hari Raya. For the bottom part, I matched my pink top with a white satin sarong. Hmmm... I know, I should have five sets of kurungs for our very much celebrated Raya Kuching-style, but I didn't. Not this Raya  :(  

Next year, mark my word, InsyaAllah, next year... Loads of new baju Raya with longer hair :)

I will NOT cut my hair for the next 6 month, no no... No potong potong no more *promise myself*. Aiyaa... Was clenching my teeth with envy seeing ladies with their gorgeous 'over flowing' hair, duhhh. I learnt my lesson. *sob sob, miss my long hair* Jealous lorr seeing others with gorgeous flowing bouncy long hair :/

In spite all that (envy), I had fun. Visiting made all the sorrow (over envy) and sadness (over not enough baju Raya) fade away. Hee hee... Sounds so pathetic. Pathetic?? I've not gone to the pathetic part yet! Read on...

With cousins in law & sister in law

With cousins in law Lyn (left), Aida (far right) and good friend Salbiah (in tudong)

With sweet friend Sue ~PhD in her stillettos~

I show you what pathetic is. 

After reading this, you're gonna feel so sorry for me that you will instantly head to your closet full of beautiful clothes to pick one nice piece to be donated to Borneo Love. Ah yes, you will!

It was second day of Raya, it's been meddling in my mind since the night before; ~What to wear? what to wear? what to wear?~ I have nothing to wear. The pink top was saved for ngabang Raya open houses, and the Sari kaftan was already worn on the first day. Everyone has decided what they're going to wear except me. 

I went to Seri's closet (where Siti's old clothes are stored) and started digging through old kebayas/kurungs which belong to my sis Siti. She used to live in my house and when she left, she left her unwanted items behind, leaving me to clear up her sh**, garbage but not exactly ready to be thrown out, just yet. 

Well, I wore one of her sh**s on second day Raya. A checkered kebaya which fits me ngam ngam cun cun... Thank god! But, before putting on the kebaya, I scanned through the thai-silk-like material. There had to be a little defect or two otherwise she wouldn't have left the kebaya to rot.

It didn't take me long, I found the defect within seconds. There's a hole at the hemline, at the back of the kebaya. Wouldn't say it's not obvious, but it wasn't that bad either. I asked 'around', everyone gave me the thumbs up meaning, the kebaya was OK to meet Raya guests :D

So, I wore a Kebaya with lobang on 2nd day of Raya

With my mom, sisters & dearest friend Izan (she looks gorgeousssss!)

Beautiful Esah

Sweet sweet Tini!

More cousins in law & Usu Rina (seated)

My dear friends Wahidah, Sandra & Jessica

I received a lot of praises on my handmade baju Raya. Thanks to my mother-in-law and my seamstress Seri (she added beads around my neckline, TQ sayang), me & my daughters sashayed in these lovely Sari Kaftans from morning till 11pm on the first day of Syawal. 

If mom didn't sew these kaftans for us all, I would only had one baju Raya this year. Then again, even if I didn't get any new ones, I would have thought of something to wear, I always have. Hmmm... with all the money I made from my cheesecakes, I could easily bought 7 new baju Raya for myself. No point having all the money but no time & energy to shop at all. Ehemm! Syukor alhamdulillah for the money I earned, I purchased something BIG :) Ah! Can't wait to post this one. I'm sleeping too well the past couple of nights ;)

Honestly, I did have a bit of spare time before Hari Raya. But I used those precious hours to chill at home watching tv and relax. I'd rather do that, than, finding my way through the crowd looking for 'D' perfect outfit, while fasting. No thanks. Well, unless I have have have to! I would only do it for my kids & my husband. For myself, ada a bit slow lah....

But next year I plan to melaram. You'll see... Mak Datins, watch out! You'll be biting your perfectly manicured 2 inch nails once you all set your sight on moa! (Laughing macam pontianak...) Nyeahhhh Haa HHaa!!! ;))

Ah!! March would be the month, I will go to the textile shop in March, April the latest. Must plan. Why why why??! I'm suppose to be the perfect planner, no?! Well, YA! I am an event organizer. Why am I such a bad example for planning Raya clothings for a family of six persons? Oh man! This has to change. *shame* Aduiii. Reputation have to be maintained. Don't want people to label me 'The One With A Hole At The Back Of Her Kebaya'.

Urmmm... guess that label will be stuck on me, for awhile. 

Me & my girls in our Sari Kaftans on 1st day of Syawal 2011


∂α∂уαиα said...

hi there. sorry for this late wishes. anyway, Raya kan sebulan. hehe. Happy Raya to u. wow. nice Sari Kaftans. I never heard of it (lame me) but see ones, maybe. :)

Ida Amk said...

Thanks hun!

Hope you had a great Raya... For next year, I think I'll go kaftans all the way ;) It's comfortable and you don't need to bother about another piece i.e., the sarong :p

Normah said...

Kita pun ada jual kaftans yang vogue dan simple. Sila-sila singgah, kita e-mail alamat kepada Ida ok. Selamat hari lebaran.

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