Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Rows Of Advice

Me & my husband enjoy reading motivational books. I don't read as much as I like to but my husband would finish reading what he bought within days. Then, I'll get him to summarize what he has read.. Heeeheee... smart aeh?? :p

After the Saturday event, sayang fetched me from the complex at around 5pm and we went straight to McD as I was already screaming & crying of hunger! O_0 As usual, I only had breakfast and Ribena drink (for anergy) to fill me up at noon. 

NO, McD wasn't enough. I had 3 pieces of McD's yummy fried chicken, with fries. Was still wanting food... What was that??! I don't think that was hunger, more like... BOngaN! Well ya, I wanted more to eat, I needed more food. Wasn't that hungry, just needed a particular food to make it, 'complete'.

I bbm my hubby, though he was just sitting next to me. Urmm.. well, I was too ashame to tell him face to face, ashamed to admit I was still (a bit) hungry. 'Sayang, can we go to Sushi King??' *smiled prettily to him*

He didn't have to ask why. He knows me too well :D

After Sushi King, we headed to Times Bookstore. Loved it there! So tranquil, sure calmed me down. Oh ya! I needed it, after eating so gelojohly, I had to be calmed down. After all that crowd, and hearing myself talked on the mic for hours, this was a good 'get away'. 

I took a seat not far from my kids, just watching what they were doing relaxed me. So, I sat there for awhile, staring... staring at nothing. Staring at the shelves, books, rows of beautiful colourful book covers, then... Then the rows of books displayed in front of me caught my eyes. 

'How To Hypnotize Your Husband'  ???

Got maee that kind of self help?

I wouldn't know. I dived into marriage when I was very very young, didn't have the chance to look at self help books. I mean, do you really need all these books? Sorry, not being oblivious of other people's situation. Guess if I was still single right now, I'd get a bit of 'help' myself here. 

Most are advises on how to nail the right guy! Or how to know if he/she is the one. And how to keep your man, all to yourself. I jotted down my own points a while ago here. But LOVE wasn't all there was, there are books on career, well being and children. 

Personally, I don't think you can just go out there and 'look' for your soul mate. God has plans for each of us. Of course, we must look at ourselves first. Your partner is a reflection of yourself, you will attract a person who will be attracted to the kind of personalities & background that they have grown to admire. So, build a loving, caring & humble person in you first, with god's will, he/she will come knocking. Of course, having good looks with positive confident attitude really helps, but remember ya! Looks isn't everything, remember. And money... Looks & money isn't everything. You can give it a shot, but if your target in life is to have these criteria at the top of your list, you will not be happy long. 

***When faced with a potential soul mate;

1. Never, never talk bad about others.

2. Listen. I know, that exciting feeling would lead you to a non-stop babbling bout whatever why the weather is like so hot (and fanning yourself non-stop, which is an annoying sight to others). So, try to hold those words in. But please, DO talk. Just not too much.

3. Wear appropriately, all the time. You don't want to be caught off guard and shrieked... 'Oh Gawwwd! I have on my most unflattering top!!' Ehem, hello! You knew all along it makes you look awful, why put it on in the first place?? 

4. Do show your interest, but in a subtle way. For this part, you can go get one of those self help books. One little tip from me though, if he starts talking about soccer, respond by asking which is his favorite team. Simple!

5. Ask questions- Where he works. Say it- That the colour of the shirt/top he/she has on looks good on him/her. 

I think I need to be recommended a self help book myself.

'How To Smile More Because Colleagues Might Steal A Shot Anytime You Didn't Realize It!'

Omg! ...look like I just lost a million dollars!!

This is more like it, I smile because I love this top :D
Thanks to Galeri Ravera Sarawak for sponsoring.

Have a good week peeps!


Anonymous said...

Kak Ida, kedai Revera ya rah tingkat berapa?

Ida BorneoLove said...

Galeri Ravera is located at the lower ground floor or Sarawak Plaza :)

Laman Baca Kita said...

awesome hobby from great couple...
*terima kasih telah berkomentar di blog saya...:P

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