Saturday, September 24, 2011

Datin Anna Sue

One of the coolest things of having a blog is you're able to express your feelings and that you have chosen to let the whole universe read all about it. This particular one I want everyone to know... And I want especially you my readers to know how happy I am for this one gal who's been blessed with such good life & abundance of opportunities.

Stylish Datin Sharifah Sue standing at the doorway of her Khatera Coutures

Borneo Love would like to congratulate Anna Sue as her husband was awarded a title in conjunction with Sarawak's TYT's birthday celebration today..... Which now I will have to start addressing Madam Sharifah Sue as DATIN Sharifah Sue. *she'll give me a face and would tell me to just call her Sue... Yup! She's that humble. 

*Oh ya! She owns a blog, I made her started it...! :D

I'm stealing styling tips here & there from this one stylish Mak Datin... 
Oppss! Errmm.., I meant, Kak Datin ;)

Congrats again darling!!

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