Friday, August 19, 2011

A Well Spent Lunch Hour

Seri focusing 100% sewing sequins onto her kaftan

That's Seri, my second daughter. She's 17 this year and will be sitting for her SPM exam in November. She got my mother in law to make her a kaftan for this year's Hari Raya and it's almost done. But not really done done yet! She wants more bling bling added to her 1st Day Raya outfit. 

"Nek! You got beads? Sequins?? I want to make my kaftan prettier." :D

Of course nenek got! So, while waiting for Papa to return from Friday prayers and before going off to her tuition class at 2 today, Seri started sewing sequins on the red brown sari material. Apparently, all the four of us (Ayu, Seri, Hani & me) will have the same outfit for 1st Day Raya, specially sewn by my dearest mother in law... Yes, was so sweet of her. Thanks to Seri, it was her idea for us all to wear kaftans on 1st Day Raya, instead of the ordinary kurungs. Then the four of us can sing 'boria' together.

"Seri, what bout our kaftans?? Aren't you gonna add sequins to them too? .....Looks like yours is gonna be the most 'Glam' one." I said to her while snapping the pics. "Mmmm.... I'll be too busy studying, remember?" She replied to me. 

"Seri, you look like an old lady!" I teased her. Heeehee... 

"Ma..! What are you doing? Arrgghhhh! No photos Ma...!" 
Always, too late. Snapped and blogged :)

She has the natural touch and talent. One time she put beads together on her torn t-shirt and she managed to cover a hole with a butterfly design (beaded), did I tell you that? And she was only in primary school then... Yup! She does our hair as well, and the dishes, that's her life contract :)

There you go, that was a well spent lunch hour. * whisper- pssttt! I've to find ways to get her to sew beads on my kaftan. hmmm... cash always works, you think?*

9 month old Seri (left) with 2 year old Ayu


Wan Sharif said...

Kita di sini kata " nak kecek anak to get her to sew beads on your kaftan.
May Ramadhan bring you and your love one to Allah's pleasure and Maghfirah

Anonymous said...

Wahduh! Seri so cute when she's a baby. Happy sunday Ida.

Coffee Girl said...

Cute sekali baby pictures! classic. mestinya manas nanga gambar tok dipublish. haha

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