Wednesday, August 3, 2011 FB Features Borneo Love

I've gone overboard with the Mellow Jersey Blouses by The ones in lime mustard and green were shipped yesterday and are making their way to me as we speak via Post Laju right now, among 3 other orders ;)

soon to be mine too :)

Well ya, I couldn't help it... They're simply comfortable & yummy! So, by the time I received my package later, I'm going to be the proud owner of all Mellow Jersey Blouses except for the one in grey. I have enough Ts in grey I thought, that was why I didn't purchase this particular colour. have been invited to be on Ntv7 The Breakfast Show this morning live at 9am. So, don't forget to tune in ya?? Enjoy shopping ladies! :) 

And thank you! Thank you! Thank you for featuring me in facebook. It's super awesome and I'm honored :D


Yaaayyy! My package arrived at noon. Buckle up colleagues!
You'll be seeing me in colours next few days :D

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