Sunday, August 14, 2011

Superwoman's Will Power

Do you have a scary experience to share? I do. 

After watching a movie where 16 people survived the Andes accident in 1972, it really showed what the human strength is really capable of. What got two of the survivors through from walking ten days trekking across one of the Andes' highest mountains was their will power.  Most of the time, I'm sure, their body had given up on them. But nothing beats the power of the human mind. All they could think of was to get to safety and rescue the rest of their friends that they had left behind. 

I understand that feeling. Though what I went through wasn't even close to the misery those 16 survivors endured, I've had my fair share of invulnerable moment. Hopefully no more...

It happened somewhere passed midnight when a drunken man (someone we know) started became all agitated and acted crazy all of a sudden. My husband, me & our two little daughters (Ayu was 4 and Seri was only 2 at that time) were in our bedroom when we heard the commotion outside our room. Before leaving our room to see what was actually going on outside, sayang called his uncle for help. Sayang left us by ourselves and cautioned me to stay with the kids and to keep the door locked. 

I could only hear loud voices and screams. So scared for sayang... He tried to calm the crazy dude down but he was getting too out of control. Then I heard the doorbell. Through the window I could see sayang met up with his uncle at the front gate as they rushed back inside the house. This was when I heard a loud bang on my bedroom door. OMG! He's at my door!

The crazy drunken guy was trying to get inside my room! I was horrified. What should I do I thought!! By this time, Ayu & Seri had woken up but they were too confused to cry or say anything. I could just grab my two girls and hurdle at the furthest corner away from the door. But instead, I ran straight to the almost-broken-lock wooden door and pushed back with all my might. The last thing I want was letting the crazy guy entered our room. By the time I held on to the door, I think he threw another flying kick towards the door and to my horror, the door opened few inches as the lock went loose. I pushed back again and made sure the door was shut closed.

There I was, looking at my children's fearful faces lying in bed next to one another with their wide eyes looking straight at me in horror. Yes! It was horror! "BANG!!", another blow on the other side of the door, and one more! And one more!! I was basically leaning against the door trying very hard to keep it shut closed and had the left side of my head hit the door number of times as he kept banging from the other side. That's where I screamed at the top of my lung till I couldn't hear myself no more. I thought my lung was going to escape trough my opened mouth! Never I screamed so loud people! I screamed continuously pausing a split second only to catch my breath. And with that scream, I suddenly had the never-was-there human strength that I used to keep the door closed the whole time he was throwing bangs after bangs on the now fragile door. As I screamed and screamed (very very loudly), I put all my body weight pressing against the door while the crazy guy kept pushing punching kicking (what felt like...) from the outside (omg! the slippery polished wooden floor didn't help at all, my feet were slipping!).

My kids were in shock they didn't even shed a tear. They just stared at me. All that I could remember was, my screaming (but I couldn't hear anything because I was so loud), pushing back the door and my daughters' small faces. What seemed like forever only happened less than a minute.

Then, he suddenly stopped. I heard my husband's uncle's voice calling out from downstairs asking him to calm down. Then, to my relief, I heard the dude ran downstairs leaving the broken door and the men started throwing words at each other. 

When it was clear outside my bedroom, I opened the door. Believe it or not, there was a hole left on my door! The door wasn't made of solid wood but of double paneling. After the incident, the door was totally useless, pieces of the paneling were scattered on the floor and the door knob was completely broken. I remember thinking to myself, "What would have happened if he did enter our room?? How did I manage to keep the door shut closed?" He was a big guy and under the influence of alcohol, I thought he could move the mountain! 

But my will power was stronger, thank god! I knew I couldn't let him in. The only thing I could thought of was to keep the door closed, no matter what happened. Yup, I was a Superwoman for 30 seconds there. 

I had a phobia of hearing heavy door knockings for awhile, but, that was it. I thank god everyday for keeping my family safe. 

My strength, Ayu (4) and Seri (2)
photo taken in 1996

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Anonymous said...

Nak lawan hulk ye kak? heheheheheee

Ida Amk said...

When the situation requires you to be a hulk, I will be a hulk :)

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