Monday, August 8, 2011

Sahur On Cereals

Sahur isn't the best thing for some of us, especially when YOU are the one who has to make preparations for the early morning meal. You're adding more salt than you should into the pot because your eyes are still literally half closed, your body and mind are still in dreamland... Imagine being a mom to eight children, I think you have to be up by 3am already!

Throughout the years having children, growing children, now they are teenagers and with the biggest baby of them all, the Papa... the family has adjusted to this simple, healthy & stomach-filling meal for sahur. Yup! You guessed right, my family and I sahur on cereals, of each of our own choices of course. Sayang loves weetabix and I love the honey & almonds Nestle Fitnesse cereal. My kids mostly prefer the Koko Krunch. 

*OMG! Just received a message offering to feature my cake baking thingy... Urrmm, I know it's too early to brag but I am just too happy for the thought. Tq Miss Writer :) Even if it didn't come out, I am grateful for the idea*

Wokay! Where were we...? Sahur, right. 

So, I've stocked up enough supplies for two weeks and.... *what was that?? have I lost weight??? Hmmm, not sure, will stop by at mom's and weigh in later...* And, it's been good. Very very good. If I had to cook, I won't cook the instant food for my kids. Sausages, nuggets and patty burgers contain too much salt that would definitely dehydrate them by mid morning. For me, rice with the ordinary dishes that you serve at lunch or dinner actually makes me feel hungry much sooner compares to cereals. Plus, I feel much less sleepier in the morning after having the whole grain cereal. With the energy I packed from one single serving, I can go on with my daily routine with ease and less torturous! 

Mmm... excuse me, fasting is not torturous at all. I was exaggerating a moment ago.  

Well then, how have it been with you guys? Let's get through this okay? We'll win this battle, like we always have, each year, InsyaAllah... What's for sunkei today?

Skirt - More Than A Decade Old can't-remember-where-I-purchased!

I've found a new exciting corner to snap my outfit, inside the elevator!

I love the burst of this colour!!


Nadia said...

I have weet-bix for sahur too! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice top Borneo Love!

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