Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mama's Boy: Not Worth Your Love


Men, men, men.

Men do this too, when we annoy them, suddenly, we're 'women'! Well then, when you men annoy us, we too will start naming you names, 'men'. 

I'm annoyed. Yes, especially if it involved people that I care about. It's a slander and I couldn't care less if it was to happen to me. Well, urrmmm....., maybe I'll be a little bit angry. Maybe a table would 'suddenly' overturn, and I would turn all Hulky green before turning to the next victim (ie. furniture).

His parents & siblings ipar duai 'came up' with a story that she has a Sugar Daddy back home. He was always away and when he came back, he was served with all these nonsense about the innocent girlfriend. And what did he do?? What did he do? *I'm going green again..*

If you did have a Sugar Daddy this cute, I don't blame you girlfriend.
He's a better catch than your ex! :p

From what I gathered, he sort of was feeling 50 50 about the Sugar Daddy thing. I tell you, if my boyfriend told me he wasn't sure what who to believe, I'll.... I'll make him go, and fly kite! Okay... To be fair. He's human (he's a real coward to me!) after all, can you blame him? But, she has explained (didn't even have to) that all he was hearing was a slander, not even a single bit of truth. 

Before I go on. Man, I've a lot to say about this. Man oh man...!

His parents told him that she got into a fight with them that she became hostile, rude and all. If they believed what they heard that she was kept happy by a Sugar Daddy, I don't blame them, really. It was a story brought to them. BUT, they themselves came up with a story that the girlfriend came to the house and picked a fight with them sounds like a donkey's business. This was one boyfriend you don't want to marry. Well ya! He sorta believed that story too. Idiot. Okay, maybe he didn't.

If he ever has doubt relating to her innocence, there was no point continuing on the relationship. If he loved her enough, he would got her back. He would defended her innocence. Instead, he just stayed silent and even agreed for the parents to meet up with her whom the whole family have ganged up to badmouth. Why want to let the girlfriend meet the parents some more?? To throw more shit on her face? Urrggh!! That was one coward no principle boyfriend. Okay, don't defend the gorgeous girlfriend, at least he had the decency to defend the relationship. No. He did not. 

No, he didn't love you enough. No doubt, he was torn apart, but hey girl! Would you want to be in-laws with drama queens? Urrmm... that includes him. He's the Queen of all the drama queens. Sorry, gerammm aeh! 

I mean, really, your so-called-future-mother-in-law (oh you thought) clearly hated you and didn't want to see your too-pretty face, what are you going to do about it? You can't do it alone baby! You will need your man to stand up for you. Yes, a Muslim man must always adhere to his mother's request & desire. But what happened when dearest mom heard that the girlfriend's a slut? He didn't stand by you. He didn't defend your innocence. He didn't even explain (hard enough) to the family the story was a slander. He said to you he's not sure. What??! 

Clearly, you're all alone in this girl. And he is not the kind of man you want to spend your life with. You wanted to deny it at first. You wanted to believe that this will be better, that everything will go back to the way it was. OPEN your EYES. He's not on your side. Why even bothered trying to get his attention to believe YOU?!

We women have feelings (well ya ya..! you men have too). And your instinct spells 'D.O.U.B.T.'. Doubt in a relationship will only lead to heartbreaks. Yes, I know, you love him too much to leave. But didn't look like he loved you enough to stand up for your relationship. It's easy for me to say. The one with the broken heart is the one who has to let go and all she has left are the memories they had together. You'll live. 

Life isn't always fair. So, you've heard. Can't have everything that you want, can you? It's a totally different situation if he loved you to death and no matter what the family said, he'd stand by you and your relationship. Even after you're married, if the family still didn't favor you, at least you have your darling hubby says to you, "Don't worry baby. We'll get through this. What's important is I love you."

But if he suddenly changed after his family brainwashed him, he's not the husband you've always dreamed of. Leave. He's not worth the heartache you're gonna suffer. You don't go chase after the love that you both once had. Once you have the love, it's yours, but no more if he's not feeling the same way too. If you had to make mends (on the broken pieces of your relationship) only because you alone wanted it, don't bother. It was clear to you he didn't care enough, you knew it but you're in denial. Go talk to a friend, pick one that would tell you off honestly that the guy's a jack ass. That you're worth more than what he's willing to give, which was not enough at all.

Hey, I wouldn't settle for less, would you?? You know, I mean you know for sure if he's not that into you. You can feel it, don't deny it. There are signs, don't ignore them. That doubt comes from your natural instinct. But don't go on an outburst right away. Talk, discuss, try to resolve... When you're talking and discussing, you could actually read his feeling. Ya! Ya!! We women are psychic! You can tell from the sound of his voice that he actually wants 'out'. Don't waste time hanging on. Remember, you just want to be happy, to be loved honestly wholeheartedly. He's not worthy of your love. 

Forget the mama's boy. He's just one of those red lights in your life. It's time to go. 


Mouna said...

You are one angry sister, but I don't blame you. I don't understand those who choose to believe lies and those who spread 'em are equally selfish. These are people who lived on others misery. Bottomline is she don't deserve to be with someone who is a cow.. You know, who is having the chain hanging from their nose ring.
Anyway, she's better off single for now, who knows she'll find another man who is a man and not a cow..

Ida Amk said...

Mouna, the cow thing was spot on! Cow cow cow!! We women don't want cows, cows are cowards & morons.

Qat said...

I'm not her sister but I can feel the smoke coming out of my ears. That man has no balls at all. For all u know he might just need an excuse to let her go. Common honey, u r gorgeous and smart and everything a man or a mother in law dream of. What do u see in this man?

Fine! You love him. But trust me. If he doesnt stand by u know he wont ever stand by u later.!

If u ever consider to marry him forget about inviting me to ur wedding. Yes Im mad. You deserve someone better darling.

Now go and find yourself a real man.

Ida Amk said...

No, she's not marrying him.

Tq Qat! A Cow with No Balls, perfect for Mangkok only. Huh, men!

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