Friday, August 26, 2011

Hari Raya Mode

It's Hari Raya mode and I'm on leave. Yeayyyyyyy!  *short-lived* 
No cuti is without nothing to do. For this time of  year, my leave is for the cheesecake orders I took couple of weeks ago. I don't need extra leave after Raya, the two three days are sufficient. Most important thing is to live up to the over 30 expectations *guLp!*. Uh-ha! Yes yes... That's like almost 3 dozens cheesecakes, for now *orders still come in today*.

Oh ya..! I said, 'Yes, no problem, I'll do one for you.' like each time, though I knew I was running out of supply. But the later you order, the earlier the cake has to be collected. I'm running a little bit behind because I'm not where I'm supposed to be like 5 hours each day, the precious 5 hours actually equals to 4 cakes done. Aduiii...

But I HAD to go for grocery shopping (when I should be baking), went to the bazzar Ramadhan (when I should be in the kitchen, baking), delivering cakes (when there is someone else who could help me with that task, but he prefers to just drive), dozing off (when I should be baking the cake no 5 of the day...). 

Today was no exception, was up from sahur, packed the cakes and left the house at 6:30am because I had a 7am delivery. After settling 5 cakes and a trip to the wet market (supplies for my laksa penang settled!), my 1st cake of the day was only popped inside the oven at 9:30am. Hmm... not a good timing.

Sayang was driving the other day when I noticed him dreaming and thinking, obviously about work. 

'What are you thinking about??' I had to ask.

'Work, stuffs.....' Sayang replied looking halfway to the moon, avoiding eye contact.

'Today, tomorrow and the next few days, you ARE working for me! You just drive drive and drive and no thinking about your work, please. You're on leave, remember??' Woh! Kinda cool doin' the queen-control-act ;)

'Yes M'am.' Was all I wanted to hear. 

And ya, I don't need extra stress from other people right now, I've enough of my own issues at the moment. No, don't think about being near me at this time! My food processor (I don't use the usual cake mixer. I prefer the food processor, totally hands free) broke down on me on the first day of my baking. ?????!!*^^%&#@*&^!#@ As if I didn't have enough things to think about?? Seri would call out to me and I only responded after her 3rd 'MAMA!' 

Hey! Gimme a break. I'm thinking hard how to make money here people! You think it's easy to bake, deliver, coordinate schedule, reschedule, bake bake bake...! *breathing innnn... exhallllllle* Urm, doesn't sound that hard ha??

Nope, there was no spare machine. I had to run down to the electrical store after breaking my fast and grabbed myself a new one. That was 2 precious hours wasted. And I just spent on a new oven few days before that, duhhh.... Well, I do need a second oven so I could produce twice as much. Alhamdulillah, it helps. Sokay, it's about time I guess, it's been years I've been torturing my poor old food processor. Finally it's time to invest in a new one :D

I hit the supermarket on Wednesday. The place is going to be like a mad place this coming weekend, I'm sure. We don't like that. The girls and I will be preparing spaghetti, laksa penang and fruit salad for our 1st day open house, among other Raya delicacies that mom's gonna cook. And this time I made sure I brought along a list with me, yes sir I did! Tomato puree, veges, detergent, extra lemons and more eggs etc. are stocked up. I'm good. 

My today's mission is to bake 10. Sounds impossible, but I'll have 10 cheesecakes by tonight, InsyaAllah. The family cake will have to wait, sorry love... I hope you have a joyous weekend, of course my favorite time during this awesome festivities is the Raya eve. Nothing like it, don't you agree? :)

my new oven

freshly squeezed lemon juice for my cream baked cheesecake

less people around, less stress :)

more room to browse... bliss

ahhh... I loved it, a lot of free space to roam

got everything we need? yes!

you notice that space where they keep the egg trays? when I left, there was hardly 10 trays left. i was  wishing good luck to those who were coming in to shop much later

didn't need to queue foreverrrr... we like

partner for the day, Seri


laman baca said...

wah cerita menarik nih...tapi ga terlalu paham :`(.. salam kenal aja deh

Anonymous said...

Beli yang perlu aje lah ye. (:
Selamat hari raya kak Ida.

Noni said...

Happy Eid Ida!

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