Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hari Raya Kurungs For My Teenage Girls

If I could shop online for Hari Raya clothes, I would! Driving around town hopping from one boutique to another trying to look for the cutest kurung with the most affordable price is very stressful and time consuming. Time. Time time time.. oh man! On the road all day... Aduuhhh

The girls found what they wanted at Fah & Kamdar last week

Arman, with no care in the world,
"You girls go ahead..."

Speaking of time, I know... I should have done this sooner. Now I've to suffer the consequences. Seeing my daughters' disappointed faces when they heard my dress maker wouldn't be able to finish their kurungs in time for Hari Raya was heartwrenching, 

"Ohh Ma... I'm so looking forward to wearing this kain for Raya :("

Too busy aehhh??! How could I?? No point  regretting it all now... Hari Raya's only couple of weeks away and I only went to the textile store at the end of first week of Ramadhan? I should have done this in April, I knew it. But, I let May passed by, then June and July too was not kind to me...... *sigh* None of 'their' faults actually, my fault, was all mine. May, June & July, I love you! You're not responsible at all for my lack of attention to the children's needs. Aiiiyyo..!

No! This can't be happening I thought to myself. Told them we'll try another dress maker. We were on our way to get supplies for my cheesecakes when I saw a middle aged lady in one of the shophouses busy at her sewing machine along a small alley not far from India Street. We walked straight in and I asked (I practically begged) her if she would do my daughters' kurungs. She refused at first, but after seeing my girls' hopeful faces, she agreed :D I was so relieved! That was one set of kurung done!! I'd like them to have at least 2 or 3 sets of kurungs each. (kecing kecing kecing $$$$$$$$) Duhhh...... Sokay, I just want them to look pretty.

Then, after we're done spending like almost one thousand bucks *GulP* on my cake supplies, we got our driver (Papa) to take us to Sarawak Plaza where a boutique selling kaftans & gorgeous ready-to-wear chiffon tops was having a sale. I was not looking for myself, the girls' clothes are my priorities. Urrmmm... I may have one simple piece that I have my eyes on ;)

InsyaAllah, they all have more than enough kurungs for this year's Hari Raya

We did visit some of the other popular boutiques in town which sell ready-to-wear kurungs but most of them are too expensive compared to the lousy qualities. What a day it was! And I'm so glad everything was done in one day. We went to two textile shops, several boutiques,  visited two dress makers and I got all the ingredients that I need for my cheesecakes! I was so overwhelmed and completely focus to get EVERYTHING done that I forgot to snap more photos of that day (for the blog!). Dang! We all arrived home tired and hungry! And very very thirsty... But, I told sayang I really had fun. Really had fun with the girls, picking out materials for each of them, arguing and agreeing and commenting who should wear what colour and who shouldn't wear the darker tone. It was a day of great quality time spent. I was told my kids are lucky to have me, but in fact, I'm the lucky one to have them as my children. Syukor Alhamdulillah for all the blessings. 

I still remember when they were younger. I picked out the materials, I went alone, I decided which colour and what design, nah!! You all wear this. No questions asked, no 'I-Don't-Like-It-Not-Gonna-Wear' nags. But now, they all each have their own preferences, I have to abide. They are after all, teenagers.

What I have on today, 

Fuschia top,
I also purchased the one in Blue

Jacket & Pants, Nicole Jersey Pleat Blouse in Fuschia Jersey Pleat Blouse in Blue


DrSam said...

that old lady was really a savior...

Anonymous said...

Kekadang tu shopping online ekot nasib jugak kak. Ade tu yang tak seperti kita harapkan huhuhuu

Coffee Girl said...

Sik lamak gik, kitak gik jadi model poplook. LOL. ada sidak berik kitak bonos Raya tek, for the free advert?

Ida Amk said...

Nei ada daknya merik bonus.. Hee hee... Rindok rindok ajak share what I purchased :D

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